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Toy Story is Becoming a Reality - 20 Years Later

Almost 20 years ago we were introduced to the lovable characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear in Disney’s movie, Toy Story. Woody, a pull-string cowboy doll is profoundly threatened and jealous when a new spaceman figure supplants him as top toy in a boy's room.

The movie was the first hit for Pixar, the animation arm of Disney, not only because of the breakthrough graphics, but perhaps more importantly because of the story. Toy Story showed children around the world that their toys had personalities, could talk, and only wanted to be loved and played with by their owners - the kids in their lives.

An entire generation of millennials, born in the mid to later 90’s, was brought up with the idea that toys could be smarter. And now that they have come of age and have begun having families of their own they are seeing the essential message of Toy Story is becoming reality. And they will be the first to embrace these new ‘smart toys’ whole-heartedly.

These millennials have something in common that is special and unique to their generation.

No - it's not student debt. Generations before and generations to come will have that distinct pleasure as well. And it's not Facebook, even though they were the first generation to adopt the social platform. Besides, there was MySpace before Facebook that helped pioneer the social networking revolution.

What they have is a seminal movie from their childhood that revealed what their future as parents would be like. A future where toys could talk, toys had personalities and feelings, and where toys of all kinds and brands could play together.

This generation grew up expecting that the day would come when their favorite kids movie came true.

Its taken 20 years, but Toy Story, the movie, is about to become a Toy Reality!

What a great time to be a kid. Toys are becoming exciting again. Toys are becoming smart.

And parents, those raised watching Toy Story over and over again on their VCRs (anyone remember those dinosaurs of technology?), will be able to recount to their kids their own stories of watching Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the Toy Story cast. Because soon we’ll be seeing more and more toys that can actually communicate, interact, and interconnect like in the movie, through the magic of The Internet of ToysTM  (IoToysTM) platform - a playground for smart toys.

We are just beginning to see the introduction of ‘smart’ toys as forward thinking toy manufacturers combine wireless technologies and advanced electronic circuitry to create toys with unique play patterns that can’t be replicated with the previous generation of “dumb” toys.

And companies like Orbotix, Ozobot, and Wonder Workshop with their technology toys, and ToyTalk with their cloud conversation engines are creating a world of 'smart' toys. As more toys become 'smart' they need to share a common language so they can truly interact. Dynepic is creating the Internet of ToysTM  (IoToysTM) platform - a playground where these toys will play and be interconnected with cool cloud content and games. Dynepic is also providing turn-key brain modules so toy manufacturers can have a cost-effective and simple way to join this Toy Story like playground.

It seems odd that it’s taken 20 years for Toy Story to become a reality. After all, 20 years is an eternity in today’s era of technology but toy manufacturers have been slow to package technology for kids. Luckily, the ‘smart’ toys are here and we can probably attribute some of that to Toy Story which provided us the sneak peek of the fun to be had when toys could truly interact.

And those millennials - they are the lucky ones. They get to see their childhood toys come to real life.


Dynepic, Inc. is a leader in the developing space of interconnected product technology. The company is building the Internet of ToysTM (IoToysTM) an open cloud-based platform that connects smart toys in a digital playground allowing for new and interconnected, child friendly play patterns.

Dynepic has developed Brain Modules that provide a cost-effective and turnkey solution for toy manufacturers to create their own smart toys on the IoToysTM platform.



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