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Dynepic Announces Its First Service on the Internet of Toys

Dynepic Announces Its First Service on the Internet of Toys

Today on “Safer Internet Day,” Dynepic announces its first service launching on the Internet of ToysTM platform called iOKidsTM – a parent-managed, secure, and social gateway for kids. Here’s a sneak peek of the iOKids app.

Krissa Watry, Dynepic CEO and Rising Star nominee for the Wonder Woman in Toys Award this year, explains “Parents are concerned with who their child plays with on the playground and they should also know who they are playing with online. With iOKids we provide control and transparency for parents, giving them peace of mind as their child plays, learns, and socializes in this new digital world.”

Here’s how Dynepic’s patent pending iOKids service works. The iOKids login button is used by app developers and toy manufacturers to provide a login in their app for a child’s identity to be authenticated.

If a child doesn’t already have an account or permission to use the service and they are under 13 years old, a notification is sent to their parent to download the iOKids app where their identity is verified per the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). After the parent sets up a “verified” parent account, they are allowed to create child profiles for each of their kids. 

The parent can then add each of their child’s friends who they approve them to digitally connect with online. These friend requests will prompt a notification to the friend’s parent and only when both the child’s parent and their friend’s parent have approved the friend request, will the friend be added to the list.


Now the cool part – The iOKids secure friends list can be used by app developers and toy manufacturers in their games and smart toys to create social play experiences with only parent-approved friends.

The iOKids app provides a single place for parents to manage privacy consent and their child's friends list. If a child is in timeout, parents can temporarily mute access to an app or even mute a friend. Now parents can better manage their child’s online presence on their time and with an easy to understand dashboard, they can quickly see what privacy data is being collected, stored, and shared on their child.

Dynepic has multiple patents pending on its IoToys platform and hopes to become the secure technology provider for toy companies and brands looking to more easily create connected play experiences for kids.

The iOKids API is now in a closed beta release and Dynepic is selecting toy and app developers who want to be part of the initial launch of the IoToys platform. Look for the full iOKids parent app and IoToys API to be available later this year - www.iokids.co. 


Dynepic® Inc. is a women owned, veteran owned business focused on building the Internet of Toys™ and powering the future of play. The first IoToysTM service called iOKidsTM is currently in a closed beta offering and launches publicly later this year. For more details on joining the platform, email Dynepic at info@dynepic.com.


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