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Dynepic Chosen to Develop Apple Watch ShotDoctor App

Dynepic announced today it entered into a second-phase development contract with Dynamic Sports Team, LLC - a Charleston, SC based company focused on the game of basketball, to launch the ShotDoctor app on the Apple Watch.

The ShotDoctor is the world’s first smart basketball correctional shooting aid. Its patented capability is unbounded for the sport of basketball. Children can utilize the ShotDoctor app to identify the unwanted movements during their shot, keeping young players from developing bad habits all while also assisting experienced players to remove incorrect movements when shooting. 

Dynepic has been working with Dynamic Sports Team for over a year to develop the cutting edge algorithms behind the ShotDoctor and prove its effectiveness on the court.

Wesley Horne, owner of Dynamic Sports Team commented, “I've spent countless hours with elementary athletes to NBA players correcting bad habits and developing basketball players. I guarantee that the ShotDoctor will create perfection in shooting form and evolve the game forever. It's greater than any tool ever invented for the sport. Hands down.”

After the app is launched this spring, Dynepic will work side-by-side with Dynamic Sports Team to integrate the kid-safe, social connections of iOKids with the ShotDoctor app, allowing players to compete against each other around the world. 

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