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Kids Can Chat with Santa on iOKids App!

Kids Can Chat with Santa on iOKids App!

Christmas is coming early to children and their parents this year. Starting the 20th of November, your children can chat with Santa and send him their wish lists over their tablets and smart phones, and you won’t have to worry about their safety or privacy. Using the simplicity and security of the iOKids® apps, developed by Dynepic and hosted on its Internet of Toys® platform, you can manage all your children’s fun without worry.

While kids are busy chatting with Santa and their friends on their iOKids app, parents have their own app called iOKids Parent. The iOKids Parent app puts parents squarely in control of their children’s online profile and who they are allowed to connect with online. The iOKids apps (iOKids Parent and iOKids) creates secure connections among children and their parent-approved friends in their games, toys, and even their smart home environment. Encrypted data and an authentication server backed by IBM ensure that all the information you provide is kept private, and your child’s choices in the apps are known to you. Read More at www.iOKids.co. 

iOKids Apps Launch Before Thanksgiving!


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