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What Does The Future Hold For Kids And Technology?

What Does The Future Hold For Kids And Technology?

When you picture the world 3-years in the future, what does it look like?

Are kids more connected?

What is the impact of current technology on kids?

Trends show we will have many more connected devices and with that there will be more interconnection, customization, control, and data collection. What does this mean for kids?

Kids are born with no knowledge of the past. They only see the current state of our world and assume everything is reactive, interactive, and connected. Hence we hear stories of kids swiping surfaces like they are tablet screens expecting them to respond.

Kids are also unafraid and open to exploring. This is why we have kids less than a year old able open a parent’s phone, navigate to YouTube, and find their favorite show. With voice activated products, kids don’t have to read and once they can talk, they are now commanding these devices to access their favorite song, app, or show.

As the world becomes more connected, we will NOT see kids waiting idly on the side. To the contrary - we will see more kids interacting with technology because this is their reality, their future and they know nothing else. They will demand personalized and connected experiences.  

We had the pleasure of listening to Lucie McLean, Childrens BBC Head of Product at the Digital Kids Summit 2017. She showed us their future requirements and we think they are exactly right.

  • Connected Ecosystems
  • Content Discovery
  • Personalization
  • Profiles
  • Progress
  • Content for a Range of Needs.

Lucie expertly relays the future for the BBC and luckily these are areas we are focused on with the iOKids platform. We are not afraid of the future of kids and technology because technology is a phenomenal tool for learning, connecting with loved ones, and play.

There are security and privacy concerns as kids connect with more technology but Dynepic and the iOKids platform is helping brands ensure data security and privacy compliance while they design products for this GenZ, digital native generation.

Are you ready for the future? We are! If you need help devising your digital strategy for this Gen Z population, just ask. We would love to help and iOKids has all the tools to get your brand and products easily activated.


Dynepic® is trailblazing the safe connection of kids into the digital world with its iOKids® platform, allowing brands to launch the coolest, cutting edge technology powered through a privacy compliant and kid-safe family network. The iOKids app brings together kid-safe social, video, and the Internet of Toys® in a single platform with a secure API for brands to safely power their products and drive 360-degree engagement with the highest level of COPPA verifiable parental consent. iOKids is play. connected. The iOKids app is currently available for download. Find out more on iOKids at http://www.iokids.net.

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Dec 18, 2017 • Posted by Izzy

So fascinating and so scary at the same time!

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