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Employee Spotlight: Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is a man of many talents, and we’re proud to share he just celebrated his 1-year-anniversary at Dynepic! 

Being able to work with the US Air Force (USAF) to help improve their training is what initially caught my interest in Dynepic,” Matt shared. “As I learned more about the platform and culture I knew this was a company I wanted to be a part of. And joining while the company is still relatively small with the goal to help lots of people while we continue to grow in the process is really exciting!” 

As our resident Scrum Master and 3D Artist, Matt gets to combine his passions for 3D model creation, cross-team collaboration management, and customer success. 

"This year has been especially exciting to be at Dynepic, ” Matt shared. “I’m currently working with the team overseeing tasks that will allow us to open the Impact Level 4 (IL4) environment to the government under our Authority to Operate (ATO), as well as enabling users to contact the platform with their approved VR headsets. And our recent $51M STRATFI contract! MOTAR is unstoppable!"

Before joining Dynepic, Matt took his talents internationally as part of the Virtual Reality Innovation Academy, traveling to universities and community colleges around the country and teaching 3D modeling courses. He also had the opportunity to teach internationally, including in Manchester, England, and Kyoto, Japan. After that, Matt gained experience in the film industry for a bit as a rotoscope artist for several films, and in the medical field creating training simulations for training medical students in ophthalmology, AR apps for performing knee and shoulder surgeries, and creating apps for a children's hospital to help connect parents, patients, and medical staff.

No stranger to remote work, Matt currently lives in California with his wife and two children. The flexibility, though, hasn’t lost its charm. 

“It's been nothing short of amazing to be working with a fully remote team, especially now that I have two little ones at home I can visit on my breaks throughout the day,” he said. 

Thank you, Matt, for bringing your talents to the Dynepic team!