A Turn-key, Secure Immersive App & Training Creation & Distribution Platform

Dynepic powers the future of work and engagement. Our DX platform allows companies and the US military to bring together the best XR training tools and applications in a device and vendor agnostic platform to power immersive training and operations with a single login and data management ecosystem.

Supporting the US Military

See how the USAF is deploying Dynepic's DX platform technology to enable secure open innovation for AR/VR app and training creation, distribution, and management.

Two Easy Ways To Start

Launch on playPORTAL

Quickly create privacy compliant connected products and apps using the playPORTAL, Dynepic's self-managed DX platform focused on connected play for all-ages, even kids.

White-Label DX Platform

Quickly deploy and customize a white label of Dynepic's DX platform to power your company's immersive learning, operations, and engagement.