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ShotDoctor needed kid-safe cloud tools to allow his basketball training app to save a player's stats to a profile, compete with other players, and share training stats with coaches. Using playPORTAL's kid-safe developer tools, it allowed his developers to quickly activate their vision without collecting, storing or sharing any personal information on their players. This allowed them to easily meet the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

We Make Launching Kid's & Family Focused Apps Easy!

Backed by the leading Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Safeharbor - ESRB Privacy Certified
Full-Featured Family Profiles

With user or parental consent you can leverage our playPORTAL profiles, friends lists, and interests for your apps and toys. playPORTAL profiles support users of all ages.

User Authentication

Install our social-sign-on to allow users of all ages, including kids under the age of 13, to login to your app, taking their playPORTAL friends and profile with them into your app.

Verifiable Parental Consent

Easily gain the highest level of COPPA verifiable parental consent through push notification approval by the parent. 

Parent Dashboard

Don't create your own parent dashboard. Chances are parents are too busy to figure it out and your product won't be used to its fullest potential. Instead use our playPORTAL parent dashboard to allow parents to customize your app or toy experience.

Kid-safe Chat

Need kids to be able to communicate in your app? Leverage our Chat API for a COPPA approved and moderated chat experience. Parents can even monitor their kid's chat through the playPORTAL parent dashboard.

360 Engagement

playPORTAL provides a single platform to share and showcase media, apps and brand social. Finally you can fully engage this tech savvy generation by activating your brand canvas on playPORTAL. Also, receive critical play data analytics to drive ROI.

Activate Your Brand on playPORTAL

Engage kids around your brand in minutes. Get access to our SDKs to try it out for yourself.

360-deg Brand Activation Only on playPORTAL

Launch a playPORTAL Community to fully engage this tech savvy generation

  • Family Network

    Unlike other social networks, our platform and app is designed for the entire family, especially kids under 13. Drive the virality of your brand through the authenticity of their social circles, reaching kids, parents and even grandma and grandpa too!

  • Magic Messages

    Leverage Magic Messages for a truly unique kid-safe social engagement. Share 6-sec brand videos and creative images. Magic Messages can be seen for 24 hours or 2 views.

  • Video

    Share your brand's media with the ideal user experience. No ads! No illicit comments next to your videos! Just your videos for kids to watch and share with friends. 

  • Interactive Apps

    Launch a personalized and social app experience powered by playPORTAL for the  ultimate brand interaction. Experience viral app engagement as kids take their playPORTAL friends with them into your apps.

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