A Turn-key, Secure Immersive App & Training Creation & Distribution Platform

Dynepic powers the future of work and engagement. Our DX platform allows companies and the US military to bring together the best XR training tools and applications in a device and vendor agnostic platform to power immersive training and operations with a single login and data management ecosystem.

DX White-labeled By The USAF

See how the USAF is deploying Dynepic's DX platform technology to enable secure open innovation for AR/VR app and training creation, distribution, and management.

Two Easy Ways To Start

Get started with the DX platform today!
Launch on playPORTAL

Quickly create privacy compliant connected products and apps using the playPORTAL, Dynepic's self-managed DX platform focused on connected play for all-ages, even kids.

White-Label DX Platform

Quickly deploy and customize a white label of Dynepic's DX platform to power your company's immersive learning, operations, and engagement.

Powering Immersive Retail

Instantly Launch Your Immersive Storefront with Dynepic's Cart360 application for Shopify. Let your customer walk your aisles and buy from the conveinence of home.