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Team Member Spotlight: Jeff Cunningham


Jeff Cunningham may have a PhD in predicting weather patterns, but he did not predict just how much he’d enjoy working at Dynepic.

“I thrive and enjoy solving complex interdisciplinary problems, and I get energized solving issues no one else wants to tackle!” Jeff shared.

With over twenty years in the United States Air Force and over a decade leading software, science, and data organizations in the creation of environmental intelligence, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Dynepic’s Director of Strategic Innovation. Holding additional certifications as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), Jeff is responsible for architecting Dynepic’s scaled platform technologies to meet design and stakeholder objectives. He is also a senior advisor to the CEO for technology strategy development, rapidly prototyping new technologies and capabilities, facilitating government interactions, and advising on cybersecurity efforts.

“At the end of the day, I just love being able to tell my kids I’m working on a platform that will help them learn new things more easily with new technologies. We’re changing the future for the better here,” he said.

The Dynepic culture has also had a positive impact on Jeff’s family - something our leadership team is committed to sustaining for every employee. No matter what ‘family’ means for you, we love making sure your job supports their needs and goals; happy family, happy employee!

After serving in the Air Force, working from home with a fully remote team has allowed Jeff to be fully present for his wife and children, and lean into family time.

“My family has made sacrifices throughout my previous USAF career, and they’ve received little accolades and fanfare along the way,” Jeff said. “Few outside of the military truly understand the types of sacrifices our families make. I am spending this time in my career/life to make sure they know they matter.”

Thank you for bringing your passion and talents to Dynepic, Jeff!

P.S. Our CEO and Jeff have something in common: they were both at the USAF Academy where they graduated from Great Eagle Eight in the best class - 2002 ;)  #nolimits

Team Member Spotlight: Kelsey Sumner

When it’s right, it’s right

Thanks to the DOD’s SkillBridge Program, Dynepic has had the opportunity to not only work with some of the most highly skilled talent but also help military veterans transition to civilian life through internships and workplace camaraderie. In the case of Kelsey Sumner, we knew it was the right fit from the very start. 

My SkillBridge internship with Dynepic was incredible!  I was given the chance to float between departments and learn more not just about the company’s vision and processes, but also how to translate my military experience/skills to a corporate setting”, Kelsey shared. “Everyone at Dynepic was so patient with my questions, took the time to share their vast expertise, and seemed genuinely passionate about their roles. When presented with the offer to stay on full-time, it was an easy decision to stay with such an amazing team!”

With a decade of service as a Logistics Readiness Officer in the United States Air Force (USAF), Kelsey honed her leadership skills working with Airmen on everything from supply chain and transportation management to vehicle and aircraft maintenance. Now a Product Manager II at Dynepic, Kelsey’s attention to detail, critical thinking, and calm stewardship skills are helping support the company in its next evolution. 

“Right now, I’m really excited about a project I’m working on that's defining requirements for the new user onboarding process,” Kelsey shared.  “It’s a giant puzzle involving quite a few teams.  I’m really enjoying the challenge of workshopping with the teams to understand their pieces of the puzzle and how they fit together, then presenting their ideas to help support decision-making.”

Kelsey’s personal interests also include puzzles (the jigsaw kind) and other challenges such as finding the best nature walk trails, restaurants, and coffee shops and experimenting with keeping succulents growing. Her favorite adventure buddies are of course her husband, Kip, and their sweet pup, Nani. 

We’re thrilled you’re part of our team, Kelsey, and look forward to your future at Dynepic! 

Spotlight On: Christian Willis

From US Air Force Instructor to Skillbridge Intern, to Program Manager III at Dynepic, Christian Willis has always aimed high. 

I have always strived to be the best, so when it was time for me to consider my options after the Air Force, working at Dynepic was at the top of my list!” Christian shared.

SkillBridge helps match highly skilled military service members with training and development opportunities in different industries through internships during their last 180 days of service. The hands-on experience and training in a civilian work environment can be critical to ensuring a positive transition, and Dynepic is proud to already employ several former SkillBridge interns!  In Christian’s case, the internship turned into a full-time, fully remote role, and he hasn’t looked back since.

“I wanted an opportunity that would allow me to build on the knowledge and experiences I garnered over the past few years, especially my role as an Instructor Air Battle Manager and the Chief of Group Virtual Training at the 552d Air Control Wing,” he said. “I’m proud to be working in support of our military and comforted by the knowledge that what we do will be helpful for both my friends and former students.” 

He shared that his top skills came from his time as a USAF Air Battle Manager, where he learned how to manage resources, think objectively, and execute under the most intense time crunches. 

“They are good traits to have in any profession, and have been helpful here when I’ve needed to think on my feet or pivot on a plan with a moment’s notice,” he said. 

Day to day, Christian works closely with Dynepic’s vendor ecosystem, made up of about two dozen companies that provide the various technologies and training lessons and XR apps activated on MOTAR. He also manages our vendor licensed accounts and ensures things run seamlessly as both the platform and eXtended Reality tech evolves. Additionally, Christian is helping manage MOTAR-In-A-Box, which will provide portable access to sync and download MOTAR-hosted third-party training content and courses, regardless of internet access. 

“A Positive relationship with our vendors is my primary goal, as they are the ones creating the training content Airmen need to be successful,” Christian shared. “And I’m excited to have even a small part in supporting MOTAR-In-A-Box as it will be critical to ensuring those apps are available, especially in the era of AFFORGEN deployments and contested/degraded operations,” Christian explained. 

Outside of work, Christian can be found staying fit and hanging with his wife, Lauren, and their rescue pup; all things that make him an even stronger fit at Dynepic! 

I come from an active upbringing and was continuously involved in sports growing up,” he shared. “Today, I maintain that fitness and competitive spirit by going to the gym six mornings a week and participating in our team’s Wellness Wednesday and Fit Friday workouts. Plus, Dynepic has graciously provided me the opportunity to work 1:1 with personal trainer Ben Schroeder and take my fitness to a new level!” 

We’re thrilled to have you on the team, Christian