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Team Member Spotlight: Fran Schiesl


One thing about our User Experience Designer, Fran Schiesl, she knows what she wants! When looking for her next professional adventure a few months ago, she zeroed in on Dynepic, wanting to work with technology that is forward-thinking so she can make a difference in people’s lives. 

“I wanted to be part of something bigger, not just another sheep in the herd,” Fran shared. “This company has the talent and grit to knuckle down and do it.”

As a Dynepic UX Designer, Fran jumped right in to tackle defining user roles - a complex challenge that requires getting to root issues and creating tailored solutions to ensure a seamless experience. Her current project is a doozie too, tackling controlled unclassified data permissions.

“I’m still working on it because it’s so complex, but I think that goes to show where my passions lie. It can rattle lots of feathers but in the end, will be worth it,” Fran said. 

Fran is also deeply passionate about being a Dog Mom and what she calls her ‘biggest joy in life,’ Zumba! The energetic dance workout is a perfect match for Fran’s musical background. 

“It has brought me so much joy over the years and it is something that I will always do. I love music, singing, karaoke, shower singing, department store aisle singing, and dancing… it’s all fair game!” she said. 

While remote work took some getting used to, Fran is finding her groove. 

“It’s great having the freedom to live my life and work, and not feel that pressure of being in an office,” she shared. “Having that trust is awesome, where the company and my peers know that if I have a project and deadline, I’ll get it done, regardless of if I’m in an office or on my couch.”

Welcome to the team, Fran

Mother's Day Spotlight: Jacque Arn

You might be surprised to know that Dynepic’s Co-Founder and Director of Hospitality, Jacqueline Arn, holds another special title; she is Mom to our other Co-Founder and CEO, Krissa Watry! 

“My Co-Founder (Mom!) spent over 40 years in education, most known as 'Teacher Jacque' helping to educate our precious members of society- kids!" Krissa said. "When I started Dynepic, I wanted a Co-Founder I could trust through thick and thin, and it was a no-brainer. When she retired as a Head Start teacher, she said there was only one job she wanted. Her wish came true last year for her birthday- a retirement job as Director of Hospitality. It’s a perfect role for her, mixing her passion for this company and its people.”

Jacque also has a lot of energy (something she clearly passed on to her daughter…). Every week, she’s one of the first to join our virtual company workouts, and she never misses a chance to wish everyone a “Very Dynepic Day!” 

“I’ve always known Dynepic would be a success; when Krissa commits to something, she is ALL IN,” Jacque shared. “I see us expanding to all branches of the military and into my lifelong passion- educating the next generation. Dynepic is the future of secure training at all levels in the educational arena.” 

Between her role with Dynepic and hours spent making sure our employees are well taken care of, Jacque tends to her farm and gardens in Oregon, including a significant herd of goats. True to form, Jacque doesn’t take many rest days. 

“The US Air Force motto is, ‘Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win!’ and that perfectly describes what we do here every day at Dynepic,” Jacque said. “I’m blessed to be a part of it!” 

Thank you, Jacque, for all you do! 





Dynepic Team Spotlight: Jody Bailey

As part of our recent expansion of the MOTAR ecosystem, we knew we needed to add another #Dynepic DevOps engineer and Jody Bailey is the perfect fit! 

A military veteran, Jody has first-hand experience with the outdated training systems the military uses, so when he learned about Dynepic and the impact MOTAR is making in the US Air Force, he jumped right in! 

“As a veteran, I had to deal with the outdated training systems the military uses and they desperately need to be replaced,” Jody shared. “What we’re building at Dynepic is going to revolutionize the way our men and women in uniform learn and train, and as a result, increase our overall military readiness.”

After deeply researching the company and its mission, and consulting his trusty Rubber Duckie, Jody said he knew he had to be a part of it. 

“This is my dream role,” he said. As a new DevOps Engineer, I couldn't think of a cooler thing to be working on than building this Software Factory. The amount of knowledge and experience I'm getting from this is off the charts. The end result is going to be awesome and allow vendors to quickly onboard their applications while also maintaining a high-security posture.”

The Dynepic culture and remote working environment were also welcome changes for Jody. A proud husband and father, he’s now able to work on something he’s passionate about and be flexible for his family. 

“Honestly, I could not see myself ever going back to a full-time office job,” Jody said. “I really appreciate the ability to be home so I can spend more time with my wife and kids and being able to go travel somewhere and still work as long as you have an internet connection is amazing.”

Welcome, Jody!