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Dynepic, Inc. Acquires SmartBridge CAC Login Technology to Level-Up MOTAR's Secure Single Sign-On

Dynepic. Inc announced it has acquired SmartBridge from Netrist Solutions.

In a strategic leap forward, Dynepic®, Inc. announced today that it has acquired SmartBridge from Netrist Solutions, providing US government Common Access Card (CAC) holders a seamless and secure way to authenticate into the MOTAR® platform. This is a significant move to level up the core MOTAR Platform capability in Dynepic's mission to power an open ecosystem of multi-dimensional knowledge for a better tomorrow.

Known as the secure 'platform of platforms' for training delivery, analysis, and reporting, MOTAR (Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, and Reports) currently serves as the central training and operations hub for the US Air Force, where Airmen can leverage relevant content, rapidly create immersive training lessons and combine them with existing multi-modal training in courses for students. MOTAR also provides a seamless and secure delivery of multi-dimensional applications regardless of location and timezone, all while tracking student data and records in one place.

"SmartBridge is a natural fit for the core MOTAR Platform," explained Kevin Wood, Managing Director of Netrist. "We developed SmartBridge under a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II program and are thrilled to take it from conception to commercialization in just a few years."

CAC authentication is a requirement for most Department of Defense applications. With Dynepic's newly acquired CAC login technology, MOTAR ecosystem applications will be able to more quickly activate under MOTAR Live's (https://motar.af.mil) Authority to Operate (ATO). For government users, the addition of CAC as a core MOTAR service means effortless, secure access with the opportunity to discover all the platform has to offer before choosing to fully activate.


About Dynepic
Dynepic® is a woman- and service-disabled veteran-founded tech company headquartered in Reno, Nevada whose mission is to power an open ecosystem of multi-dimensional knowledge for a better tomorrow.

About Netrist
Tomorrow's Solutions Today. Netrist Solutions designs, develops, and operates logistics software solutions in the cloud. Netrist supports the U.S. Air Force and commercial logistics providers with digital transformation, security, and enterprise-class high availability and fault-tolerant system architecture.


Dynepic Promotes Orchun Koroglu to Chief Product Officer

Koroglu will help shape the company’s product vision, strategy, and support expansion 

Dynepic®, Inc. has named Orchun Koroglu as its Chief Product Officer. An industry leader for many years, Koroglu will continue to be involved with product design and embark on a larger role in shaping Dynepic’s product vision and strategy. 

“At Dynepic, the C-Suite positions are hard-earned and it is my complete pleasure to announce Orchun’s promotion to CPO. Orchun embodies a rare capability to immediately understand my vision and thoughtfully combine it with our customer’s requirements to ensure we build meaningful, game-changing products for the immersive training market,” said Krissa Watry, Co-Founder and CEO of Dynepic. “As we look to scale over the next year, I could think of no better person to lead Dynepic’s products into the future. Congrats, Orchun!” 

With more than two decades of experience, Koroglu has built a career including everything from designing games and apps to co-founding SurrealVR, one of the first platform-agnostic virtual reality companies (VR) that helped lay the groundwork for immersive collaboration in the Metaverse. The company was acquired by Dynepic in 2022, and Koroglu played a significant role in building its multiplayer training capabilities into Dynepic’s MOTAR platform. 

“Dynepic is on the fast track to leveling up immersive training, and I’m thrilled to play a role in making that happen,” Koroglu said. “This company has always been one to watch, but you’ll want to keep an even closer track of us over the next year.” 


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Dynepic wins Phase 1 SBIR with AFRL to take MOTAR to The Edge!

MOTAR levels up again to meet ACE/MCA mission requirements under AFRL’s Just-In-Time Multi-Mission Airmen / Warfighter (JITMMA/W) program.

For our United States Air Force's Multi Capable Airmen (MCA), success is not usually found in the most comfortable places. They often live, train, and fight in less-than-ideal environments where just-in-time operational training is critical, and the internet is considered a luxury. These Airmen are living at The Edge - of computing, connectivity, and combat. 

As part of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Just-in-time, Multi-Mission Airmen/Warfighters (JITMMA/W) efforts to deliver combat power in austere, forward operating locations, the organization has enlisted Dynepic to do what we do best - securely deliver an open ecosystem of mission-critical, immersive content to enable warfighters to level-up their skills anytime, anywhere and on any device, including AR and VR devices.

“This program will result in a variant of our MOTAR-In-A-Box (MIAB) that can be deployed and configured in austere and internet-challenged environments to bring a digital information overlay to the environment that leverages training and operational content from MOTAR’s Hub. This will give Airmen the tactical advantage during combat operations at The Edge,” said Krissa Watry, Dynepic’s Co-Founder and CEO. 

With MOTAR’s Authorization to Operate (ATO) allowing it to connect to military networks and transmit Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), deploying training content has never been easier. Under this Phase I effort, Dynepic will develop a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and technology roadmap for how MOTAR can be further enhanced to meet the strict mission requirements for JITMMA/W in combat.