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Dynepic Awarded $1.7M Contract to Develop Multiplayer Services on MOTAR

(Example of Application Built with Dynepic’s New MOTAR Multiplayer Service)

New capability will provide critical infrastructure to power teamwork across USAF’s immersive training applications

Dynepic® has signed a $1.7M Tactical Funding Increase (TACFI) contract to level up its secure DX platform - whitelabeled as MOTAR® (Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, Reports) for the United States Air Force (USAF) - and bring multiplayer learning to its Virtual Reality (VR) users. 

This news comes just weeks after Dynepic announced its acquisition of SurrealVR, a pioneer in platform agnostic VR that helped lay the groundwork for immersive collaboration in the Metaverse. 

“Dynepic is stoked to bring multiplayer services to MOTAR so the US Air Force can train together in XR applications!” said Dynepic Co-Founder and CEO, Krissa Watry. “This new service will be integrated into the MOTAR APIs and Unity SDK to enable the Ecosystem to efficiently create and deliver multiplayer experiences.” 

The TACFI contract was awarded by AFWERX, the innovation arm of USAF, through which Dynepic got its start with USAF in 2019 after winning its Mixed Reality Platform Challenge. Since then, MOTAR has been named a requirement across the organization and proven to be critical in supporting today’s Multi Capable Airman. 

Capt. Paulina Morales, who serves as Dir. of Operations at AETC A9 Detachment 23 and whose leadership has been integral to the adoption of MOTAR, championed Dynepic’s TACFI effort.

“We have explored how the DX platform’s capabilities could potentially impact us across a wide spectrum of USAF training, including observation of how multi-player services can expand our ability to execute collaborative learning,” Morales said. “The partnership with Dynepic and all the ecosystem’s vendors will create a learning environment that enables us to work as a team, make mistakes and learn in a realistic but safe environment.”

Over the next year, Dynepic will build new APIs within MOTAR that will allow its  ecosystem of 30+ vendors to plug in and provide VR learning opportunities for Airmen with real-life scenarios to prepare them for the frontlines. Vendors using the MOTAR platform can leverage this new service with their existing applications and immediately provide multiplayer experiences within their training products! For those who already offer multiplayer in their training applications, integrating with this new MOTAR service will help accelerate the ATO process. The move will save significant time, money, and effort for USAF’s MOTAR users and vendors. 

“It's a huge step toward our ultimate goal of providing the right capabilities that enable people to level up their skills, learning, and knowledge,” said Arthur Goikhman, Dynepic’s Sr. VP of XR Innovation. “Having multiplayer built into the core of our secure DX platform will benefit collaborative training efforts across military, corporate, and educational environments.”

Press Inquiries: shanti@dynepic.com, 206.465.7422

Dynepic Sr. Military Advisor's Unit Takes Home Top Nomination

*When you work with a team of elite badasses, success and achievement are expected, and excellence is the goal.* 

Dynepic’s Senior Military Advisor, Kevin Watry, has always lived by this mantra. 

Splitting his time three ways, Kevin is also a pilot for Southwest Airlines and Commander of the United States Air Force’s 729th Airlift Squadron at March Air Reserve Base, California. Super cool news - Kevin’s 729th Airlift Squadron recently won 4th Air Force’s nomination for the prestigious General Joseph Smith Trophy! Determined by leadership  - highlighting them as the most outstanding airlift squadron in 4th Air Force - the competition is steep among the USAF Reserve’s 15 strategic airlift squadrons. 

“This honor recognized my amazing team at the 729th who put everything forward during the most challenging operations environment in recent history due in part to the pandemic, heavy fiscal constraints, new mission requirements and executing the largest humanitarian airlift evacuation in history ,” Kevin shared. “They helped close operations in Afghanistan, drove new tactics, techniques and procedures for Agile Combat Employment at exercise Northern Edge, volunteered more than 5,000 days, and flew over 4,600 hours in every major operation in the world.”

Kevin added, “The 729th Airlift Squadron works tirelessly to ensure our nation’s defense. While many tasks and sacrifices these men and women make can’t be recognized, they’ve more than earned this honor.”

Dynepic Acquires SurrealVR to Bring Multi-Player 3D Training to its DX Platform

Expansion will empower users to collaborate and train alongside colleagues in the Metaverse 

United States of America, July 20, 2022 Dynepic® announced today the purchase of SurrealVR, a pioneer in platform agnostic virtual reality (VR) that helped lay the groundwork for immersive collaboration in the Metaverse. With Dynepic’s proven DX Platform already changing the course of modern training and education, DX users will now be able to successfully teach, learn, and collaborate with colleagues in a 3D environment. 

 “I believe the ultimate success and adoption of the Metaverse will come from providing the right capabilities that enable people to level up their skills, learning, and knowledge,” said Krissa Watry, Co-Founder, and CEO of Dynepic. “This acquisition represents a significant leap forward for corporate, team, and individual training across dimensions.”

Dynepic has already begun building SurrealVR’s core capabilities into its DX Platform, with plans to release collaborative learning APIs for eXtended reality (XR) training creators first. That way, instead of creating it from scratch, developers using Dynepic’s DX can easily build a Metaverse training product by leveraging its core feature set including avatars, identity management, real-time voice chat, physics, locomotion, and a common VR/AR menu system. The first users to benefit from the new 3D classrooms will be the US Air Force, whose trainers and students already use a white-labeled version of DX called MOTAR® (Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, Reports). 

“Creators on DX (and MOTAR) can now make their product social, multiplayer, and VR/AR ready, in a matter of days – saving time, money, and drastically reducing any friction - on an already proven and secure platform,” SurrealVR Co-Founder, Orchun Koroglu shared. 

Arthur Goikhman, Co-Founder and CEO of SurrealVR, said the acquisition is a key step on Dynepic’s roadmap as an influential force in modern learning and training. 

“What VR did for social gaming years ago is now a reality for businesses of all sizes,” Goikhman added. “This acquisition means any company using Dynepic’s DX platform could leverage virtual reality, bringing together individuals, teams, instructors, and students from anywhere in the world and giving them the opportunity to deepen and enrich their learning and collaboration by working side-by-side.” 

Bold moves have always been a part of what makes Dynepic a leader in immersive training and education. While the company began as a DX Platform in the youth-focused connected play industry where data privacy and security were paramount, in 2019 Dynepic competed in and won the AFWERX Mixed Reality Platform Challenge, earning DX its place in the US Air Force under the white-label MOTAR.  Since then, MOTAR has been named a requirement across the USAF and is on track to become a program of record.  

Press Inquiries: shanti@dynepic.com, 206.465.7422