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Dynepic is a women and veteran founded company that is the brain child of Co-Founders Krissa Watry, a USAF Academy and MIT educated engineer, and Jacqueline Arn, a 40+ year educator.

Founded originally as a product design firm in 2011, Dynepic had the pleasure of developing a number of products for clients, helping take them from a seed of an idea to minimum viable products. In the course of this work, Dynepic even reinvented the common handle and spun out its patented Spiral Strength grip technology to Dynepic Sports, LLC where it is the basis of a number of sporting good products. 

After participating in the Charleston Harbor Entrepreneurship Center Accelerator and winning the 2014 Dig South Wild Pitch, Dynepic took on investment and focused in on accelerating company innovation by creating a turn-key cloud platform to enable secure, privacy compliant app creation and distribution. Dynepic's cloud platform technology allows companies to easily join the innovation and network economies all while setting the standard for privacy compliance and data security.

Dynepic tackled the hardest privacy market first- the kids' and family market which is governed by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The playPORTAL platform was launched in 2018 and it is exciting to see the development of the companies on the platform. In 2019 Dynepic landed its first white label by winning the AFWERX Maintenance Operations and Training Augmented Reality (MOTAR) Challenge for the AFCreate platform.

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