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Welcome! We’re stoked you’re here to learn more about Dynepic! 

Dynepic is powering an open ecosystem of multi-dimensional knowledge for a better tomorrow.

What we do
The future of education and work is changing. To meet those evolving needs, Dynepic is building the foundational digital infrastructure that will enable that transformation and support remote learning, spatial computing, and artificial intelligence. Dynepic’s DX Platform is fielded as MOTAR® for the US Defense market where it is the secure backbone infrastructure enabling rapid training delivery, analysis, and reporting anywhere, any time, and on any device! 


Diving Deeper
MOTAR is a platform of platforms that enables all vendor technologies to come together in a one-stop shop for XR training!

To be clear, Dynepic does NOT create content. Instead, MOTAR brings together best-in-class XR vendors who specialize in and allow for legacy training programs to modernize with XR training options. 

For our military partners: Dynepic currently holds an Impact Level 4 (IL4) Authorization to Operate (ATO) from the United States Air Force (USAF) that allows users to contribute, share and train with content up to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). We are working toward IL6 to accommodate Department of Defense (DoD) info up to secret, and soon we will be offering an on-premise solution, “MOTAR-in-a-box,” that can operate securely across environments, even disconnected ones. 


How we got here
A women and veteran-founded company, Dynepic is the brainchild of Co-Founders Krissa Watry, a USAF Academy and MIT-educated engineer, and Jacqueline Arn, a 40+ year educator. Fueled by innovation and critical need, the company has worked for more than a decade to evolve its secure digital infrastructure to power a thriving, open ecosystem for app innovation, immersive training, and direct engagement. After deploying the infrastructure in the Connected Play market and taking on the hardest use case first, Kids and Family, Dynepic then took a chance on expansion to the US defense market, winning the AFWERX Mixed Reality Challenge in 2019. Shortly after, Dynepic launched its DX Platform into the defense space for the United States Air Force as MOTAR, bringing its learning content management system, open ecosystem approach and privacy-secure backbone infrastructure to the military so they can seamlessly discover, deliver, and track multi-modal and eXtended Reality (XR) training for service members to level-up their skills.


Pioneers of the Fully Remote Team 
The Dynepic team currently has 42 employees, consultants, and advisors spread across the United States, with our headquarters in Reno, Nevada. As the company has grown, we’ve found our team thrives in this environment, and with today’s technology, sharing an office space is no longer required for making strong personal connections. It also allows staff members to determine where the best place is for them to work, live, and play.

Level up! 
The team that sweats together, wins together! Twice a week, Dynepic offers instructor-led virtual workouts during core business hours to any employee who would like to participate. Both Wellness Wednesday and Fit Friday are taught by professional trainers and can be adapted to individual needs and goals. (Additional training is also available as part of our benefits package.) Turning your Zoom camera on is optional. 😉💪


We’d love to connect! You can find us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.