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Dynepic is a women owned, veteran owned business that is the brain child of Co-Founders Krissa Watry, a USAF Academy and MIT educated engineer, and Jacqueline Arn, a 40+ year educator. Krissa partnered with Jacque after spending almost 10 years in the aerospace sector as a USAF officer and as a civilian designing and leading cutting edge technology development programs for DoD, NASA, and commercial space.  She even has two boxes that have docked with the International Space Station from her time leading Program Operations at Andrews Space, Inc (now Spaceflight Industries).  

But now Krissa has set out on a new mission, along with longtime educator Jacque - to inspire the next generation by providing them a safe connection with technology so they can gain the necessary skills at a young age to be inspired to invent their future.

Dynepic, a National Science Foundation funded company, is currently hard at work to launch its first service called playPORTAL - a secure, social gateway to enable kid's connection into the digital world, all under the watchful eye of the parent. playPORTAL will make it easy for brands to build and launch social and community experiences for kids, all while parents can easily manage who their children interact with online.

We would love for you to join us.
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