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New Hire Spotlight: Sageera Ismail, Automation Test Engineer

Sageera Ismail joined our team just a few months ago, and already she’s been a #Dynepic fit! 

 “I have quite a few years of experience in test automation, and I like to learn new tools and languages to ensure software quality,” Sageera shared. “It was a good fit for me as Dynepic was in the initial stages of building an automation framework and I could contribute early on.”

Sageera is currently working on automating a Dynepic DX feature that will save developers time and reduce defect rate during development. 

“What I’m doing right now is automating the regression test suite in the DX platform so it can run during deployments,” Sageera explained. “This will ensure quality before release and allow the test team to focus on newer features.”

Sageera’s role as a mom to two teenage boys is also motivation for her work with Dynepic. 

“I can definitely envision XR (extended reality) as the future of education. Newer generations learn better when it's visual, more engaging, and all their senses are stimulated,” Sageera said. “It’s a big reason why I wanted to work with Dynepic and be a part of creating this platform for organizations to leverage the power of different XR technologies.” 

When she’s not helping build the future of education and training, Sageera can be found hiking with friends and family and watching Netflix documentaries. 

Welcome, Sageera!