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SPOTLIGHT ON: The Iron Chick

There’s no doubt about it, Rebecca Jackson is unstoppable.

A seasoned athlete and professional trainer, Rebecca earned the nickname “Iron Chick” while training an NBA player and running him through one of her highly effective - and very challenging - sessions.

“I love the energy of athletes, regardless of age and sport,” Rebecca said. “And when someone tells me they can’t do something, or their doctor said they’re no longer able, that’s the best challenge!”

In high school, Rebecca was active in just about every sport possible, including tap, jazz, ballet, and anything that involved a ball whether it was a game or just making up new ways to play. With her dad as a coach, she was supported and encouraged to try everything, eventually going to college and earning a degree in kinesiology and exercise science.

“I considered nursing school but what drove me was helping rehabilitate athletes, particularly after surgery,” she explained.

Her strength, both mental and physical, did not come easy.

When she was 22, Rebecca’s path abruptly shifted after she was in a car accident, revealing symptoms that were eventually diagnosed as a hereditary condition affecting the brain and spine.

“The impact of the accident really jarred my brain and sort of shook loose this condition I didn’t know I had, causing me to blackout at random times and the potential for further problems with my spinal cord,” she explained. “I was 22 years old with an incredible neurosurgeon, but after brain and spine surgery, they just handed me a bunch of pills and said, ‘Good luck, kid.’”

During her recovery, Rebecca found herself staring at the bottles of muscle relaxers and painkillers and thought - this can’t be the answer. Physical therapy had never been mentioned, or any kind of physical rehab.

“I knew I had to do this myself because no one else was going to do it for me,” she said. “That kicked off my mission to help others do the same.”

As Rebecca found her way back to the healthy, active lifestyle she loved, she became a Mom and continued dedicating her time and energy to helping others do the same.

When her youngest was just 2 years old, she found herself with a new diagnosis - thyroid cancer - resulting in another surgery and a lifelong prescription for thyroid hormones.

Undeterred and focused on her future, she knew was she had to do.

“I found a new way to do things and when I was 35, I started competing in fitness competitions, and winning!” Rebecca said. “There’s no excuse, you just have to find a new way of doing what you love.”

Today, the Iron Chick owns her own training company - ICF Performance - and among her clients is the Dynepic team. “Fit Friday” is a live, weekly online session where she takes us through everything from Pilates to kettlebells to heart-pounding intervals. The company offers two similar sessions each week during work hours and has shown significant results in team morale and individual health concerns.

“The way Rebecca trains, she helps you understand the correct way to perform the movements and provides variations so everyone, regardless of where they’re at in their fitness journey, can maximize their time at Fitness Friday,” shared Christian Willis, Dynepic’s Program Manager III.

“My husband says I act like I’m 12 years old, but I’m walking proof that age doesn’t define you,” Rebecca shared. “This attitude has allowed me to do so many cool things - things doctors said I couldn’t do - I just don’t take no for an answer.”

Dynepic’s Fitness Friday led by the Iron Chick is held at 0900 Eastern each week. Joining the Dynepic, Inc. team means you too can be part of the fun and #LevelUp!