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Team Member Spotlight: Jeff Cunningham


Jeff Cunningham may have a PhD in predicting weather patterns, but he did not predict just how much he’d enjoy working at Dynepic.

“I thrive and enjoy solving complex interdisciplinary problems, and I get energized solving issues no one else wants to tackle!” Jeff shared.

With over twenty years in the United States Air Force and over a decade leading software, science, and data organizations in the creation of environmental intelligence, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Dynepic’s Director of Strategic Innovation. Holding additional certifications as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), Jeff is responsible for architecting Dynepic’s scaled platform technologies to meet design and stakeholder objectives. He is also a senior advisor to the CEO for technology strategy development, rapidly prototyping new technologies and capabilities, facilitating government interactions, and advising on cybersecurity efforts.

“At the end of the day, I just love being able to tell my kids I’m working on a platform that will help them learn new things more easily with new technologies. We’re changing the future for the better here,” he said.

The Dynepic culture has also had a positive impact on Jeff’s family - something our leadership team is committed to sustaining for every employee. No matter what ‘family’ means for you, we love making sure your job supports their needs and goals; happy family, happy employee!

After serving in the Air Force, working from home with a fully remote team has allowed Jeff to be fully present for his wife and children, and lean into family time.

“My family has made sacrifices throughout my previous USAF career, and they’ve received little accolades and fanfare along the way,” Jeff said. “Few outside of the military truly understand the types of sacrifices our families make. I am spending this time in my career/life to make sure they know they matter.”

Thank you for bringing your passion and talents to Dynepic, Jeff!

P.S. Our CEO and Jeff have something in common: they were both at the USAF Academy where they graduated from Great Eagle Eight in the best class - 2002 ;)  #nolimits