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Dynepic, Inc. to Host Major Showcase at First Annual MOTAR Expo

RENO, NV --- Dynepic, Inc. is raising the curtain for an exclusive, two-day event to showcase some of the most powerful, immersive training and learning technologies on the planet. 

The much-anticipated MOTAR Expo 2021 will take place Wednesday, Nov. 3, and Thursday, Nov. 4, at Kelly Field, Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. The center of the event will be a behind-the-scenes look at Dynepic's secure DX platform, white-labeled for the United States Air Force as MOTAR (Member. Operations. Training. Analytics. Reports). The MOTAR platform is a cloud-native, secure digital infrastructure that integrates, delivers, and reports on third-party training content, enabling various AR/VR/XR, AI, video, and other training applications to be seamlessly connected into courses and delivered from a single platform.  Demos from Dynepic’s rich ecosystem of 3rd-party vendor technologies and training tools will also be available. 

Dynepic, along with the United States Air Force AETC/A9 Det 23 T3 and AFLCMC WNS, will host guests and government employees who are passionate about leveraging immersive technology to improve training readiness for USAF aircrews and warfighters.

“MOTAR brings the best innovative training technologies, including augmented/virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AR/VR/AI), directly to USAF course managers, instructors, and students, and the MOTAR Expo offers an opportunity to experience many of them first-hand,” said Dynepic’s Director of Partnerships and Growth, Christina Padron. “If you want to be part of this critical evolution, you need to be connected to MOTAR.” 

On Thursday, MOTAR Expo activities will include:

  • Demos of USAF’s premier training ecosystem, powered by Dynepic’s MOTAR platform, including a deep dive on MOTAR’s secure infrastructure, Hub, and Learning Management System.
  • Networking with Dynepic’s elite team and 20+ ecosystem vendors, including those from the Combat Ready Aviators AFWERX Challenge.
  • Opportunity to learn more about how MOTAR vendors are rapidly advancing critical immersive training technologies.
  • ...And much more! 

Events on Wednesday are invite-only as much of this day will be dedicated to the final presentations and demos from the Combat Ready Aviators AFWERX Challenge.

The MOTAR Expo comes on the heels of some exciting news for Dynepic, Inc., including being chosen over 201 other companies as one of seven winners in the US Air Force's AFWERX Accelerating Pilots to Combat-Ready Aviators Challenge. The company was also recently awarded a $6.6M Phase III SBIR Contract to further expand MOTAR within the USAF enterprise.

For tickets, please register here by Oct. 15.

For questions about the event, please reach out to Christina Padron- christina@dynepic.com.

Press Inquiries: Shanti Barnes, shanti@dynepic.com



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