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Dynepic Wins Contract to Pursue MOTAR Red and Support Classified Training

There’s no stopping MOTAR®! 

Just a few weeks ago, Dynepic secured an Impact Level 4 (IL4) Authorization to Operate (ATO) for MOTAR from the United States Air Force, solidifying the secure platform across the US Air Force’s NIPRNet, used for unclassified communications. True to form, the company already has its sights set on an IL6 environment to bring MOTAR onto SIPRNet, the secret portion of the US Defense Information Systems Network. The milestone would allow MOTAR Red to deliver classified training content for authorized warfighters DOD-wide. 

“With MOTAR officially launching on NIPRNet this Spring to be the secure training delivery, analysis, and reporting platform, it just makes sense that we provide the same capabilities across classified environments as well,” said Dynepic Co-Founder and CEO, Krissa Watry. “We’re in the early stages of design, but it is clear the military metaverse requires a cross-domain solution that will allow for training lessons to easily be deployed up to IL6 classified environments, while student metrics can still flow down to the Unclassified MOTAR Live (IL4) environment.”

When MOTAR Red is approved, it will share a common code base with MOTAR Live (IL4) while leveraging configuration as code to enable classified environment requirements. This will ensure cost efficiency and enable rapid technology deployment even in a Classified environment.

Dynepic’s Sr. Security Engineer George Moats added, “There’s not a doubt in my mind MOTAR Red will be the secure backbone of SIPRNet and show the same stellar results as MOTAR Live on NIPRNet. There aren’t many commercial organizations trying to do what we’re doing, and we’re happy to be the trailblazers.” 


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