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MOTAR Expo 2021 was a Smashing Success!

Last week Dynepic, Inc., in conjunction with United States Air Force AETC/A9 Det 23 T3, AFLCMC WNS, and CMSO, hosted the first annual MOTAR Expo at Kelly Field, Joint Base San Antonio!

The MOTAR Expo featured technology demonstrations from over 25 of the most cutting-edge companies leading the charge in cutting edge training technologies, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Rapid ATO technology, and more...all of whom are activating on the MOTAR platform and being leveraged across the US Air Force for immersive training. In addition, two USAF training squadrons showcased how they are revolutionizing their training by leveraging the MOTAR ecosystem. For full list of exhibiting companies, see: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/dynepic-inc_inventthefuture-motar-dynepic-activity-6854508988579627008-KOvd

Exhibiting vendors were granted access to special “ask me anything” sessions with Major Jesse Johnson and Ms. Margaret Merkle. During the AMA, many topics were discussed, including current AFLCMC acquisition strategies, future plans for training development and integration, and how companies can best leverage the MOTAR ecosystem.

Many exciting and inspiring briefs were provided throughout the two-day event for all attendees. Including:

  • Colonel Thomas Wegner, Director, AETC Analysis and Innovation Directorate (A9)
  • Colonel John Kurian, Sr Materiel Leader (SML) Simulators Division, Agile Combat Support Directorate, AFLCMC
  • Major Jesse Johnson, Commander, AETC/A9 Det23 Tech Training Transformation
  • Dr. Jerry R. (Randy) Coats, Executive Director of Future Learning, Analysis, and Innovation at HQ AETC/A9
  • Sean Litton, Deputy Director, DAF CMSO Liaison Office and Deputy for AF Enterprise Modeling and Simulation for Strategic Planning, Development and Experimentation (SPDE)
  • Margaret Merkle, Innovation Technology Chief, Simulators Division, Agile Combat Support Directorate, Air Force (AFLCMC WNS)

“The MOTAR expo brought together government/military and the innovative power of small businesses to demonstrate exciting capabilities. Looking forward to continued innovation as it accelerates the Department of the Air Force.” – Mr. Sean Litton

The Expo was held over two days, with the first day heavily focused on a special event for Dynepic’s Accelerating Pilots to Combat Ready Aviators AFWERX Challenge Program Outbrief.

As part of this 3-month effort, 4 vendors upgraded to Premier MOTAR Activation with expanded API Integration, an additional 11 vendors activated on the MOTAR platform, and Dynepic enhanced MOTAR Hub support for all vendors in the MOTAR ecosystem. The 15 companies that activated on MOTAR under this effort spanned multiple XR training categories, including XR Low-Code Development Tools, AR/VR Training, Self-Authoring Tools, Peripherals (e.g., Haptic gloves, Motion Simulators), and more! To accelerate pilot training, Dynepic demonstrated how MOTAR can be leveraged by the USAF to discover AR/VR training technologies, download and launch content, and easily add content to courses.

13 of the 15 companies exhibited at the MOTAR Expo and were able to participate in a special “round robin” (or, speed dating for XR technologies) event wherein all attendees visited each vendor booth for a quick and intimate 6-minute introduction to the vendor capabilities before receiving more in-depth demos during the open expo time.

The event was attended by representatives from all 9 USAF MAJCOMs, over 60+ USAF organizations, and 290+ attendees. The Expo was filled to the brim with innovation, thought leadership, and new connections.

Exhibitors and attendees alike repeatedly expressed how impactful the event was for them. Exhibitors were able to provide technology demonstrations, meet with influential Air Force end users, and discover new synergies amongst each other during the informal social events coordinated by Dynepic. One vendor mentioned that the MOTAR expo provided them with “Great conversations with wonderful people all wanting to change the Air Force for the better”!

Likewise, JD DuVall, Chief Operating Officer, Logistics Officer Association, exclaimed that he “always wanted to know what it feels like to stand on the precipice of the future” and that “The MOTAR ecosystem is strong and moving fast! This community isn't slowing down and tackling the training requirements for Airmen & Guardians! Amazing collaboration between government and industry!”


All in all, the MOTAR Expo was a resounding hit with both industry and government attendees. So much so, that we are excited to announce that MOTAR Expo 2022 is already in the works!

To add the cherry on top, MOTAR Expo featured some of the best food trucks from the San Antonio area....I mean, have you ever seen a better looking funnel cake?!

If you would like to know more about MOTAR, please reach out to info@dynepic.com

ou can also connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on our latest work and plans for #MOTARExpo 2022! https://www.linkedin.com/company/dynepic-inc/

Finally, if you will be attending I/ITSEC, please come say ‘hi’ to us at Booth #720!




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