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Employee Spotlight: Crystal Arn

Crystal Arn has many nicknames - Bruh, GOAT, Organizer of Chaos - but Mom is her favorite. 

“My family is my tribe - everything I do is with them in mind,” she shared. 

She takes a similar approach with her role as Vice President of Operations and Human Resources at Dynepic. Whether it's recruiting, hiring, or managing employee benefits, Crystal always has others top of mind. 

“I’ve been part of Dynepic long enough to remember when we were just a few employees and had to build our own booth for industry events!” Crystal said. “Its been a wild ride and it just keeps getting better.”

Crystal came to Dynepic nine years ago after working in pediatric health, dreaming of a company that oozed purpose, was focused on a mission, and valued its people.  Raising three boys with her husband, a local fire investigator in Sherwood, Oregon, the remote workplace provided her the flexibility she needed and the support to grow alongside the company. She also felt confident in the leadership and knew firsthand the passion and perseverance the CEO was putting into business growth. 

“There aren’t many family members I could work with, but my sister-in-law and I compliment each other in a way that makes it possible,” Crystal said of Krissa, Dynepic’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re both focused on the success of Dynepic and while we can passionately disagree sometimes, two minutes later we’ll be facetiming with the kids and it's all about family.” 

As Dynepic evolves and grows, Crystal has been hard at work revamping processes and streamlining all the behind the scenes pieces of the company. When she’s not on her laptop, Crystal can be found shuttling her boys to one of their many sports practices (lacrosse, soccer, skiing…the list goes on!), hanging out by the fireplace with her two pups, Ivy and Aspen,  and best of all in her mind - getting out on the boat. 

“Being on the water allows me to relax, have fun, and really focus on my family.” she said. “Bonus points if it's blue skies and hotter than 90 degrees!”

Thanks, Crystal - we are so happy you’re part of the Dynepic team!