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Behind the Code: Developers at Dynepic



At Dynepic we do things differently, from how we collaborate with each other to how we solve problems. At our core, we’re committed to the greater vision, with an elite, innovator mindset and deep technical expertise leveraged for doing good in the world. 

Our developers are on the frontlines of this work every day, in the trenches with customers and taking on challenges others say can’t be done. So today I’m highlighting a few team members  to give you a glimpse into what it’s like to be a developer at Dynepic, what they do, and their personal “why.” 

Lincoln Fraley, Fullstack Developer 

Q: What brought you to Dynepic?  
A: I joined Dynepic in 2016 as one of the very first developers and one of the first few employees. Krissa and I had a mutual connection, and I was really interested in what she was creating. Originally we were set up in a shared workspace, but then our original crew moved to work out of Krissa’s home office. Over the past few months, we’ve grown exponentially!  
Q: What keeps you at Dynepic? 
A: Our CEO, Krissa’s vision is what keeps me here. At first, our main product was commercial online kid safety, and then we took everything we’d built and switched to working with the military and found a new path. There’s just something about Krissa - you know she’s going to do something spectacular, and she’s an easy person to follow. There’s nothing she can’t do. Honestly, if she could do all this work herself she would, and if she learns to code I’m out of a job ;)
Q: What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? 
A: We’re doing a lot of XR support right now, which is really interesting. One of the best things about this team is there’s always an opportunity to learn and figure something new out. I get bored doing the same thing for too long.  
Q: What energizes you?  
A: Learning! I didn’t grow up a techie person, but programming isn’t about just creating things, it’s the perfect vessel for learning things.  
Q: What’s something most people may not know about you? 
A: In college, I was a powerlifter. I wrecked my body, so these days I do more low-key outdoor things like kayaking.  


Josh ‘Mason’ Leslie, Frontend Developer 

Q: What brought you to Dynepic?
A: I was looking for a company where I could advance my career through responsibility and autonomy - to be recognized as providing valuable input. This is such a solid team, and really empowering. It’s often a “here’s this feature idea, go build it” situation.
Q: What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
A: I’m currently leading the charge on our recruiting feature, taking it from the vision to reality.
Q: What do you love about AR/VR technology and why?
A: I’m passionate about things we can create that make our lives better and more fulfilling. I don’t believe an easy life is a good life, but we’re creating AR and VR technology that makes our lives better. It’s definitely a reason I wanted to work for Dynepic.
Q: What’s something most people may not know about you?
A: I have a design degree but I’ve also worked in every physical material including resins, glassblowing, metalworking, welding, carpentry, etc. 
Q: What energizes you?
A: I’ve always been passionate about humanitarian efforts and my community. Right now I’m working on creating a ‘maker’s space,’ including some community space and garden. 


If you’re interested in joining the Dynepic team, check out our job postings and follow us on LinkedIn