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Beyond the Virtual Office: Gerry De Leon, CFO

Introducing a new Dynepic blog series: “Beyond the Virtual Office”  

The Dynepic team is as diverse as our individual office locations. Spread across the United States as a fully remote company, we’re also experts at building relationships and supporting each other regardless of time zones and job descriptions. That doesn’t mean we’re creepers 😉 but we are genuinely interested in the projects and passions everyone has ‘beyond the virtual office.’ 


Gerry De Leon, Dynepic CFO 

Volunteer at Dog Tag

“Do more.” 

That’s the mantra that drives everything Dynepic’s CFO, Gerry De Leon, does. 

“You can always do more - more good, more volunteering, more kindness,” Gerry said. 

Which is what led him to volunteer with Dog Tag, an organization that leverages its bakery and services as a “teaching ground to empower veterans, military spouses, and caregivers to find renewed purpose and community after serving our nation.” Similar to Dynepic, Dog Tag is also Women-founded and run. 

Since 2014, Gerry and his family have volunteered at the bakery, helping package and send their specialty holiday treat boxes. 

This annual campaign is in addition to normal bakery operations, so it takes a village to get these gift baskets baked, packed, and shipped out.” Gerry shared.  “It brings in a ton of revenue that goes back directly to programming; it’s fun and rewarding!”

A former client in public accounting, Dog Tag also asked Gerry to serve as a guest reviewer for the final pitch presentations from its Dog Tag Fellowship Program, most recently for its Winter 2022 cohort. Through the program, students can earn a business certificate from Georgetown University (DC program) or Loyola University Chicago (Chicago program) while also building confidence and community outside the military. 

“It's a full-spectrum program, and the business pitches the students come up with are incredible,” Gerry said. “I won’t give away any of their ideas, but I laughed and cried during this cohort’s virtual review sessions. It's another impressive group!”

Gerry added, “We’re all here for service, and that looks different for everyone. I want to be a servant leader, and volunteering with Dog Tag has been an incredible gift.”

Thank you for all you do, Gerry, at Dynepic and beyond!