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Team Member Spotlight: Fran Schiesl


One thing about our User Experience Designer, Fran Schiesl, she knows what she wants! When looking for her next professional adventure a few months ago, she zeroed in on Dynepic, wanting to work with technology that is forward-thinking so she can make a difference in people’s lives. 

“I wanted to be part of something bigger, not just another sheep in the herd,” Fran shared. “This company has the talent and grit to knuckle down and do it.”

As a Dynepic UX Designer, Fran jumped right in to tackle defining user roles - a complex challenge that requires getting to root issues and creating tailored solutions to ensure a seamless experience. Her current project is a doozie too, tackling controlled unclassified data permissions.

“I’m still working on it because it’s so complex, but I think that goes to show where my passions lie. It can rattle lots of feathers but in the end, will be worth it,” Fran said. 

Fran is also deeply passionate about being a Dog Mom and what she calls her ‘biggest joy in life,’ Zumba! The energetic dance workout is a perfect match for Fran’s musical background. 

“It has brought me so much joy over the years and it is something that I will always do. I love music, singing, karaoke, shower singing, department store aisle singing, and dancing… it’s all fair game!” she said. 

While remote work took some getting used to, Fran is finding her groove. 

“It’s great having the freedom to live my life and work, and not feel that pressure of being in an office,” she shared. “Having that trust is awesome, where the company and my peers know that if I have a project and deadline, I’ll get it done, regardless of if I’m in an office or on my couch.”

Welcome to the team, Fran