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Dynepic Team Adds 3D Artist - Welcome, Steve Hagelgans!

There are two key attributes we look for in Dynepic team members - authenticity and a natural drive toward growth. Our newest addition, Steven Hagelgans, embodies both. 

Joining the Dynepic team as a 3D Artist, Steven earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and Animation from DigiPen, was a lead artist for the game Mekazoo, and helped develop launch content for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

“My career has been filled with incredible opportunities to create 3D art and develop for Unity as they venture into unknown territories,” Steven shared. “All of these experiences led me to this specific role, and I couldn’t be more excited to take on any challenge that comes our way as Dynepic makes its way into VR/AR.”

Steven is currently creating a new Virtual Reality Hub for Dynepic’s MOTAR ecosystem, which will serve as the central landing spot for users. 

“After learning more about this project and Dynepic’s vision for the future of education and training, I knew I had to be involved,” Steven said. 

Working with a fully remote team was also a draw. “It's pretty dope, to be honest. Being able to work with all the luxuries of home, is quite the benefit!”

Welcome, Steven!