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Why We Work at Dynepic

For some of us, it’s being able to work at home every day with our dog. For others, it's the flexibility to make your workday work for you. For all of us, it’s getting to do these things AND being a part of #InventingTheFuture

There are a million different reasons why each of us works at Dynepic, and we wanted to share some of those in case you’re considering joining the crew or just interested in how we do what we do. As a thriving company, we typically have a handful of different roles open - if you’re interested, check out the latest on our website. With continued growth slated for 2022, we’re keeping the focus on thoughtful hiring and authentic growth, and we have big plans for 2022 and no intention of slowing down! 

Read on to hear from Dynepic employees about why they chose to work here and what they value most about our culture. 

“Dynepic is a company that caters to growth, innovation, and longevity, all things that are an important part of my career. Our team is fully remote and, though spread across the country, works as efficiently as if we were in the same building. It's rare to find an organization that truly sets the bar for work-life balance." 

- Aaron Rodecker, Software Engineer

“I chose to be part of Dynepic due to its visionary and ultra-supportive leadership. (Our CEO), Krissa, has such a clear vision of our product, its value, and where it's going. Just listening to her speak our work gets me energized and ready to go! Christina (our VP of PnG and my direct boss) is one of the most supportive leaders I've ever worked with (and I've worked with her before) - she truly cares about my personal, professional growth and does everything she can to ensure that I am intrinsically motivated and supported.”

- Victoria, Manager of New Horizons 

“Dynepic provides the opportunity to help shape the future of how the Air Force trains and prepares Airman, leveraging technology and analyzing data to develop solutions that equip Airman for the current and future digital landscape.” 

- Brian Moyer, Senior Information Security Engineer 

“My initial attraction to Dynepic was their deep care for their employees and positive work culture. It's hard to find a company that truly values its employees and the culture in which they work.  I'm blessed every day to have the opportunity to work here.

- Kaylee Rutz, Executive/HR Administrator

“I was looking for a way to grow, get out of my comfort zone, and feel like I was a part of something good. Dynepic is paving the way to the future - what could be more exciting than having a hand in that! Plus, there is the benefit of having amazing team members that inspire each other and encourage each other to reach for the stars. Together, we share a common vision, build each other up, and support each other to meet that vision head-on. One of my favorite quotes is from Pat Riley, and most definitely applies to this amazing team: "Great teamwork is the only way we create the breakthroughs that define our careers." 

- Shelly Rios, Project Manager  

“I really appreciate Krissa’s flexibility with things like working from home and it's clear she respects us; I think she’s more concerned with her employees putting out good work than some corporate BS. Krissa is also very supportive of her employee’s self-improvement, especially when it comes to education.

- Lincoln Fraley, Senior Software Developer

“I love the fact that our work spans across many environments. It can be seen in web, on mobile, or in a VR headset. Working here is a unique opportunity that is challenging and rewarding."

- Whitney Kempton, Director of Product Design 

“Working remote was an adjustment at first, but I absolutely love it now. I'm spending more time with my family yet getting more hours in than I was ever able to do with commuting. The work-life balance that Dynepic encourages and supports is incredible.”

- Kaylee Rutz, Executive/HR Administrator


“It's pretty dope, to be honest. Being able to work with all the luxuries of home, is quite the benefit!”

- Steve Hagelgans, 3D Artist