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New Hire Spotlight: Dr. Victoria Claypoole

Dynepic is T H R I L L E D to welcome Dr. Victoria Claypoole to the Dynepic Team!! 

Victoria is our Manager of New Horizons, a role that will leverage her expertise in the Defense industry and academia including research, agile product management, and new business. There’s no one better for this role and we know Victoria will be integral to how we continue to #levelup the Dynepic world! 

“I love that Dynepic is solving many problems with one focused solution. It’s exciting to see so many big and small companies come together, play nicely, and work to provide value to our Warfighers,” Victoria shared. “I also love the autonomy and flexibility I have in my role. From the start, it’s always been ‘do what you love doing and what you do well and make this position yours’.”

Before coming to Dynepic, Victoria was an instructor at the University of Central Florida, where she was honored as one of the university’s ‘30 Under 30.’ During the same year, she was also awarded the University of Florida's '40 Under 40.' Victoria then completed her post-doctoral fellowship at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base before working as a Research Associate for Design Interactive, Inc. 

A few more things about Victoria: 
Tell me about the coolest thing you’re working on right now.
I’m currently working on multiple new business actions to get MOTAR into every branch of the military. They really see the value of the MOTAR ecosystem, and how it can help all our warfighters, not just Airmen, so I’m excited to start these new connections. 

Why are you interested in AR/VR technology?
I love the idea of how empowering it can be in every aspect of our lives…BUT…I’ve also seen how it can quickly turn into a dystopian nightmare, so I initially wanted to work with this tech to be the “Human Factors” voice of reason. Just because we can develop something, doesn’t mean we should. We have to be intentional with the design of XR apps and their implementation, and that’s exactly what Dynepic is doing. 

What energizes you?
COFFEE! I mean, actually…I probably drink 5-6 cups a day. In all seriousness, I try to take pleasure/happiness in the smallest wins. Every little bit of success is going to lead to something big, so take the little wins and let them energize you to keep going!

What's the best advice you’ve ever received?
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. That and…Be confident and have courage in your convictions (thanks T-Swift).

Who would play you in a movie, and what kind of movie would it be?
Someone like Scar Jo in Black Widow or Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde – just some kickass woman breaking barriers and taking names. 

Thank you, Victoria!