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Spotlight On: Ben Schroeder, Dynepic Personal Trainer

Maybe it was kismet. 

When Ben Schroeder, a successful personal trainer in Huntington Beach, California, posted a sign offering free trial sessions for residents of his apartment building, he hadn’t yet met Dynepic Co-Founder and CEO, Krissa Watry. An entrepreneurial powerhouse and previous Air Force Captain, Krissa was no stranger to challenging her mind and body. She tore the contact number off and set up a workout on a whim. 

“It was pretty clear from the start that we were on the same page about the state of American health and wellness, big pharma, and the downfalls of the food industry,” Ben shared regarding his first meeting with Krissa. “We’re both on a mission to change the world for good, to make people’s lives healthier and happier. She also walks the walk, and is willing to run through fire for what she feels is right.” 

That initial connection turned into weekly workouts, and when Krissa relocated Dynepic headquarters to Reno, Nevada in 2021, they switched to virtual training - and decided to invite the entire Dynepic team to join for what would eventually become Dynepic’s ‘Wellness Wednesday.’

“I’d been leading an in-person corporate wellness program at another company, but with the Dynepic team being fully remote, we wanted to try a completely virtual version as a benefit for employees,” Ben said. “It’s fun because the team is so diverse in age, physical ability and fitness, and personal goals. We do everything from Desk Detox stretch sessions to Tabata workouts that can be scaled for each person, and during rest breaks, we discuss everything from using food as medicine to supplements to sleep strategies.” 

Tiffani Clark, Dynepic’s Director of Platform Quality Assurance, has joined Wellness Wednesday from the beginning. 

“I've worked out with Ben for both Wellness Wednesday and Personal Training sessions - he’s awesome at keeping the workouts interesting and providing great suggestions for nutrition and supplements,” Tiffani shared. “Working out virtually is new to me but its been extremely convenient and (when I eat right ) I’m seeing great results!”

Dynepic team members aren’t the only ones who know Ben can change lives. Men’s Health Germany recently invited him to compete against more than 3,000 health and fitness professionals, where he earned a spot in the top 15

“It was a really great experience to be in my home country competing with others who believe in similar things as I do,” Ben said. “Just to be in the top final list feels like an amazing accomplishment.” 

Thank you for keeping us healthy, flexible, and excited for Wednesday mornings, Ben!