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Spotlight On: Steve Hopp, Director of Programs and Budding Actor

Sometimes the best experiences in life start with having a casual drink with a friend. For Steve Hopp - Dynepic’s Director of Programs - that certainly was the case. 

A former river guide, electrical engineer, retired USAF veteran, and active dad of three high school and college students, Steve has done a lot of wild things in his life. But after a few drinks and encouragement from a longtime friend, he went one step further and did something far outside his comfort zone. 

“We were having a drink on the patio and I was doing this silly jig to the music, just laughing and having a great time,” Steve said. “Then she turns to me, dead serious, and tells me that I absolutely have to try out for the upcoming local production of Spamalot (which is a musical version of Monty Python’s Holy Grail)!” 

Steve shared that while he was a bit taken aback as he’d never considered the stage, a little encouragement from his family, and a passion for pushing his limits was all it took for him to get to the tryouts and land a spot in the ensemble. 

“It’s a completely different world - one I never considered being a part of but I’m having an amazing time!” Steve said. “Spamalot with this crew has been the perfect first experience, and I’d be open to other shows down the road.”

Bravo, Steve!