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Spotlight On: Kelsey Sumner and Jantzen Owens, SkillBridge Interns


Dynepic is STOKED to have two new interns join us through the DOD’s SkillBridge Program - Kelsey Sumner and Jantzen Owens! 

If you’re not familiar, SkillBridge helps match highly skilled military service members with training and development opportunities in different industries through internships during their last 180 days of service. The hands-on experience and training in a civilian work environment can be critical to ensuring a positive transition, and Dynepic is proud to already employ several former SkillBridge interns

Read on and see why they’re a #dynepic fit: 

What were you up to before this internship?

Jantzen: I served 21 years in the US Air Force. 

Kelsey: I was a Logistics Readiness Officer for 10 years in the US Air Force. During active duty, I had the opportunity to lead Airmen across a variety of fields, from supply chain/transportation management to vehicle/aircraft maintenance. 

What will you be doing during this internship? 

Jantzen: As a software engineer intern, I help maintain and improve the usability of the DX platform services, mostly through fixing bugs. 

Kelsey: I’ll float between departments to get a better understanding of everything from product management to documentation to customer success. Basically, all things product. 

What excites you about working with Dynepic? 

Kelsey: The people! Everyone here seems genuinely passionate about their role and the company’s success. I’m excited to learn from everyone’s vast experience and see how they collaborate to deliver an awesome product. 

Jantzen: This company has a true passion for improving how training is conducted and tracked. 

What are you working on right now? 

Jantzen: Fixing bugs isn’t glamorous, but it's a necessity for all software. Every bug is a little mystery to solve. 

Kelsey: I’m still new in my role, so right now I’m learning how all the departments work together. It’s really incredible to see how a simple idea flows through the teams to become a reality. 

What interests you about Extended Reality? 

Kelsey: It started when I tried VR archery for the first time (it was awesome). But my interest really expanded past gaming after I started working with aircraft maintenance at a depot. From engineering consultations around the world to supplying material and tools to train employees on complex tasks like fiber optics splicing…XR technology has the potential to save money, while also transforming the way we organize, train, and equip. The possibilities are truly endless.

Jantzen: AR and VR are still in their infancy. There are about 60 years between some of the first computers and what we use today. There’s a lot of opportunity for innovation. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Jantzen: “Make them tell you no and stay outside your comfort zone.” I’ve had many amazing experiences, Dynepic included, because I didn’t say no to myself. 

Kelsey: “The worst they can say is no.” Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask tough questions or try to shift the status quo. If they say “no,” just shake it off and move forward. 

Welcome, Jantzen and Kelsey! 

Spotlight On: Tanya Urbach

Tanya Urbach knows what she wants, and becoming a part of Dynepic was top of her list last year. 

Like many of Dynepic’s full-time employees, Tanya had a friend at the company first and then learned about its mission, so it was never a question of who she’d be working with and what their goals and motivations were. Having spent 2+ decades advising corporations ranging from venture-backed private entities to Fortune 100 financial institutions, she already knew it would be a good fit and she could add immediate value

“My heart is in the big picture, where we’re going and how we’re getting there,” Tanya shared. “At this point in life, I want to be involved with companies changing the world for the better, so it was a lucky fit that my skills were a match for what Dynepic needed.”

As a legal and corporate finance and governance consultant, Tanya is involved in all areas of the company, bringing to the table not just her knowledge of the law but her big-picture thinking. 

“Tanya is a badass attorney who always has our best interests at the forefront of every turn,” said Crystal Arn, Dynepic’s head of HR. 

And, we’re not the only fans of Tanya - she was recently included in The Women We Admire’s Top 50 Women Leaders of Oregon for 2022!! 

Congrats, Tanya - we’re stoked to have you on our team! 


Spotlight On: Steve Hopp, Director of Programs and Budding Actor

Sometimes the best experiences in life start with having a casual drink with a friend. For Steve Hopp - Dynepic’s Director of Programs - that certainly was the case. 

A former river guide, electrical engineer, retired USAF veteran, and active dad of three high school and college students, Steve has done a lot of wild things in his life. But after a few drinks and encouragement from a longtime friend, he went one step further and did something far outside his comfort zone. 

“We were having a drink on the patio and I was doing this silly jig to the music, just laughing and having a great time,” Steve said. “Then she turns to me, dead serious, and tells me that I absolutely have to try out for the upcoming local production of Spamalot (which is a musical version of Monty Python’s Holy Grail)!” 

Steve shared that while he was a bit taken aback as he’d never considered the stage, a little encouragement from his family, and a passion for pushing his limits was all it took for him to get to the tryouts and land a spot in the ensemble. 

“It’s a completely different world - one I never considered being a part of but I’m having an amazing time!” Steve said. “Spamalot with this crew has been the perfect first experience, and I’d be open to other shows down the road.”

Bravo, Steve!