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CEO of Dynepic To Be Honored for Innovation By President

Krissa Watry, CEO of Dynepic, Inc., “the Internet of ToysTM,” has been selected to join President Obama and other emerging entrepreneurs from around the world for a ceremony recognizing young innovators at the White House on May 11th.

Guest speakers at the event will include three renowned entrepreneurs and cast members of television’s Shark Tank – Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John.

Dynepic’s mission is to inspire the next generation by making toys “smart” and kids even smarter. A National Science Foundation funded company, Dynepic is focused on building an open playground to connect toys with a common language, cloud content, and applications for new and interconnected play patterns - moving play beyond two dimensions. Dynepic calls this The Internet of Toys (IoToys).

Dynepic has developed a versatile, Bluetooth LE connected, IoToys Brain Module that is a cost-effective and turn-key solution for other toy manufacturers to create their own “smart” toys on the IoToys playground.

Dynepic is currently recruiting other toy manufacturers, cloud service providers, and game developers to join them in creating the future of play.

Krissa Watry, an Air Force Academy and MIT educated engineer, spent almost a decade in the aerospace sector as a USAF officer and as a civilian designing and leading cutting-edge technology development programs for DoD, NASA, and commercial space.  She even has two boxes that have docked with the International Space Station from her time leading Program Operations at Andrews Space, Inc.


This event provides a unique opportunity to galvanize global attention on emerging women and young entrepreneurs. Watry is among 69 young innovators being honored.

The White House gathering will be live streamed on the White House website. To watch this event live, visit <www.whitehouse.gov/live> at 1:45 pm ET on May 11th

For more information about the cutting-edge work of Dynepic, Inc., visit Dynepic.com.


Founded in 2011, Dynepic® is focused on building cool connected toys and an open architecture and cloud platform to drive child friendly content in new and innovative ways. Dynepic® is a women owned, veteran owned, small business focused on creating the Internet of Toys™.

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May 24, 2015 • Posted by Mark

Love your concept….we’re having good fun with Dash and Dot and Ozobot at the moment….very exciting….love to be on your mailing list please..

logicaltoys.com is what we do in Oceania…………..



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