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Dynepic Awarded $3.6M Contract Increase to ‘Level Up’ and Expand MOTAR

Benefits for ecosystem users include enhanced security evaluation, more time and cost savings 

RENO, NV --- The United States Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command (AETC) has awarded Dynepic® a ~$3.6M increase to its current contract to support the expansion of its secure DX platform, white-labeled for the US Air Force as MOTAR (Member-Operations-Training-Analytics-Reports). The modification increases the total contract value to over $10M and is an exciting proof point to the value and innovation Dynepic’s platform has brought to the USAF since it became a requirement last year. 

“At Dynepic one of our goals is to always be working to ‘Level Up,’ and that’s exactly what this contract modification will do for MOTAR,” said Co-Founder and CEO Krissa Watry. “This increase will help support Dynepic and its vendor ecosystem to continue bringing US Airmen the best in modern training technologies and experiences and help support the acceleration of Authority to Operate (ATO) certification for vendor technologies integrated with MOTAR.”

The first key piece of the MOTAR expansion is the creation of a Software Factory, which will save significant time and money as well as ensure the deepest level of security for every app and training tool in the MOTAR ecosystem. 

“The MOTAR Software Factory will automate the activities in the development, build, test, release, and deliver phases and support multi-tenancy, helping ecosystem vendors deliver cutting edge training to Airman faster and more securely using a modern DevSecOps pipeline,” explained Brian Moyer, Dynepic’s Director of Cyber Security. “By implementing a Software Factory, MOTAR will improve software product consistency and quality; shorten time to market, increase productivity for applications within the MOTAR ecosystem, and simplify governance. Additionally, applications will be able to leverage the MOTAR ATO (estimated completion of June 2022) to obtain a Certificate to Field (CtF), which will greatly reduce the approval time required to get their application fielded in a production environment.”

The second piece of the expansion is the new Airman Learning Record that will be available within MOTAR, designed as a one-stop-shop for capturing and reporting an Airman’s training across their career. The Airman Learning Record will bridge and aggregate their training data from authoritative sources active in the USAF and is the first end-to-end MVP integration of the ALR, MOTAR’s new mission planning capabilities, and an AI-driven Competency Management. This effort will allow Dynepic to expand the AI agnostic plug-in framework on the platform and pilot an ecosystem approach to AI with Discovery Machine®, Inc. blazing the trail. 

“MOTAR is critical to the creation of a unified training system that will allow the Department of the Air Force (DAF) to modernize existing training and be future-ready as emerging technologies come online,” shared MOTAR program manager SMSgt Powell Crider. “Using MOTAR to link together disparate systems and present information in a modern, adaptable interface, allows us to deliver pertinent training and operation data with the analytics and features required for the future Air Force.”

If you’d like to learn more about MOTAR, Dynepic will be onsite at the upcoming Logistics Officer Association (LOA) Symposium in Salt Lake City, UT. March 15-18. Swing through to experience a demo and learn more at booth #425! 



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