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MOTAR Zone at LOA 2022: Vendor Lineup

The countdown to #LOA2022 has officially begun, and the first-ever MOTAR Zone is almost ready! 

For those joining us at LOA this year, MOTAR Zone will include both government and ecosystem partners and will allow attendees to physically experience MOTAR’s digital ecosystem and see firsthand how it supports the warfighter, increases access to training, and improves readiness. This is your chance to be immersed in the best XR, training tools, and learning apps on the market, all available on the MOTAR platform. 

MOTAR Zone will be open during show floor hours and we’d love to see you there. If you want to make sure you have time with one of our elite team members to dig into how MOTAR can help your company #LevelUp, please email victoria@dynepic.com to schedule an onsite 1:1. 

And if you’re not able to make it, be sure to follow our stories on Instagram and posts on LinkedIn for behind-the-scenes and live coverage! 

Government Partners:

367 TRSS ‘The Griffin’: The 367th TRSS is comprised of over 75 active-duty and civilian personnel from across the aircraft maintenance, missile maintenance, maintenance management analysis, and cyber systems operations communities. The distinctiveness of this organization’s charge is made evident in the mission statement, “Maintainers delivering needs-based solutions to the Maintenance Community.” The Griffin aims to leverage technology to develop, modernize, and deliver training, one Airman at a time. The Griffin is activated on MOTAR and delivering courses through the platform!

HQ AETC/A9 Det 23: Det 23 explores innovative technologies to bolster AETC initial skills training development. The team serves as a conduit for industry partners to provide solutions to modernize Air Force classrooms without impacting current student throughput requirements in the technical training pipeline. Furthermore, the Detachment ensures that the modernization of AETC training aligns with longstanding Air Force best practices while meeting the directive of Airman Centric, Mission Focused, and Competency Based. Det 23 is a staunch supporter of MOTAR and has funded a multi-year Phase III SBIR effort to continually enhance the platform. 

Ecosystem Partners: 

3D Media: 3D Media is a technology development firm specializing in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for military, industrial, medical and academic applications. With over 20 years of programming, plant operations, and military experience, their key personnel are equipped to utilize proprietary processes to design, create and deliver tailored, innovative technological solutions to their clients.3D Media will be showcasing their ‘Pocket B-1B’ app and other 3D models on MOTAR Hub to demonstrate effective use of existing assets.

BUNDLAR: BUNDLAR’s award-winning no-code cloud-based platform provides everything needed to create, publish, manage and experience augmented reality. Teams of any size can use their existing audio/video/3D assets and more to produce immersive engagements without any knowledge of coding or 3D models. Post publishing, teams can leverage robust user analytics to optimize their content and experiences to achieve the desired results and scale. The BUNDLAR platform consists of a Content Management System, proprietary API, and App, making it one intuitive platform for all your AR needs.

Design Interactive: Empowering People with Innovative XR Technology, Design Interactive is a women-owned small business specializing in building interconnected and interdependent Extended Reality (XR) ecosystems that allow for plug-and-play of XR enablers, including digital twins, digital phenotypes, and automated human performance capture and assessment to drive a high-level of digital enablement. DI assists organizations in accelerating the adoption of XR. In the MOTAR Zone, DI will highlight IMITATE - a behavior-based performance optimization tool that accelerates skill acquisition in any context by providing adaptive, personalized instruction, standardized assessments, and guided, video-enhanced performance review.

Discovery Machine, Inc.: Discovery Machine® is an AI company that is focused on building operational systems utilizing their patented technology and methodology to deploy captured mental models in situationally aware, goal-directed, voice-enabled cognitive agents that replicate human experts. At the MOTAR Zone, learn how DMI’s AI is leveraged with MOTAR! From VIPER® to MANTIS™, see how their highly acclaimed virtual agents and software can enable modern learners to train like they fight!

Enduvo, Inc.: Enduvo is the leading creator platform for immersive training. It enables anyone to rapidly create and share visually stunning, immersive, and interactive learning experiences and distribute them to PCs, tablets, or VR headsets. Airmen deserve a better way to train than decades-old CBT.  Enduvo’s XR learning platform allows subject experts to quickly create immersive content on any device and share it anywhere across the USAF. 

HTX Labs: HTX Labs is a Houston-based commercial software company on a mission to revolutionize the way critical training is created, deployed, and measured across the Department of Defense. To address a growing demand to deliver safe, engaging, and accessible immersive training, HTX pioneered the EMPACT® Immersive Learning Platform. EMPACT enables users to rapidly develop, create, deploy, and measure realistic, immersive training content anytime, anywhere, on any device. Visit the MOTAR Zone to see how easy it is to create new immersive training right from MOTAR, using EMPACT!

PlaneEnglish: PlaneEnglish is dedicated to bringing to aviation the most effective training tools that enable aviators to train on their own time and at their own pace. The PlaneEnglish Aviation Radio Simulator, ARSim, is an AI-based radio simulator with a built-in training curriculum to train and experience pilots in phraseology, procedures, and callouts. Better comms, more effective training! Visit MOTAR Zone to see how ARSim is integrated into MOTAR!


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