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Dynepic, Inc. Wins Contract to Expand MOTAR, Create Portable MOTAR-In-A-Box


Dynepic® announced today it was awarded a significant contract to expand its secure training backbone infrastructure, MOTAR®, to operate securely across environments, even disconnected ones. With MOTAR-In-A-Box (MIAB), Airmen will be able to train wherever they are - at a moment’s notice, and even on the frontlines. 

“Over the past few years, MOTAR has successfully empowered trainers and students to engage in new ways, including within the Metaverse; MOTAR-In-A-Box will allow them to have that same secure experience and access to MOTAR’s rich ecosystem of training content and applications regardless of connectivity, location, and timezone,” said Krissa Watry, Co-Founder, and CEO of Dynepic. “MOTAR-In-A-Box is both the culmination of our longtime vision for MOTAR and just the beginning!”

Essentially, MOTAR-In-A-Box provides portable access to sync and download MOTAR-hosted third-party training content and courses, regardless of internet access. The goal of MIAB is that it can work in a semi-connected, bandwidth-challenged area, fully disconnected in a secure facility with only “sneakernet” updates, or used in a contested, forward-deployed, austere environment. This includes local, offline, and secure access to multi-modal training content, as well as the ability to locally stream augmented and virtual reality training. 

Further supporting its status as the backbone of the Military Metaverse, earlier this year Dynepic’s MOTAR earned an Impact Level 4 (IL4) Authority to Operate (ATO) from the USAF, solidifying the secure cloud infrastructure on USAF’s NIPRNet, used for up to Controlled Unclassified training. MOTAR will run on military networks this Spring, while the company also pursues an IL6 environment called MOTAR Red to bring MOTAR to SIPRNet, the secret portion of the US Defense Information Systems Network, that will allow cross-domain capability and delivery of classified training content for authorized warfighters DoD-wide. 

“The combination of our IL4 ATO, MOTAR Red, and MOTAR-In-A-Box will allow both users and creators in the MOTAR ecosystem to ‘level up’ once again,” Watry explained. “Soon, creators whose applications are deployed within the MOTAR IL4 boundary will have the option to have their content available across MIAB, SIPRNet, and NIPRNet within one seamless infrastructure.” 


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