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MOTAR Ecosystem Spotlight: UtopiaCompression Corp.

The success of MOTAR® as a platform of platforms for delivery, analysis, and reporting of training relies on amazing products being a part of the MOTAR Ecosystem - and UtopiaCompression Corp. (UC) is a stellar example of a vendor leveling up the platform. 

As an SBIR-funded small business, UC provides machine learning-based analysis software for US government agencies and commercial markets, including the US Navy and Air Force. In 2022, UC was activated on MOTAR to begin integrating its Training Effectiveness Measurement (TEM) software with the platform.  

“MOTAR was a golden opportunity for us because it's based on xAPIs just like TEM, making it a seamless integration on our side and opening up many more opportunities to provide algorithm-based analysis for instructors and students,” explained Priya Ganapathy, UC’s Senior Research & Development Scientist. 

“And just like Dynepic, we’re training-agnostic, meaning TEM can work with any type of training.”

Starting today, MOTAR instructors will be able to leverage UtopiaCompression’s TEM interface to get a deeper assessment of students’ course results and what learning needs to happen for better on-the-job performance. 

“Constructive analysis is the difference between students gaining mastery of the course content versus students simply completing the course,” said Dr. Ganapathy. 

Christina Padron, Dynepic’s VP of Partnerships and Growth, added, “We’re very fortunate to work with the talented team at UtopiaCompression, and we are thrilled they chose to activate on MOTAR!”

To find out how you can activate your app on MOTAR, please visit documentation here: Activation via MOTAR Studio and APIs.


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