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MOTAR Vendor Spotlight: Adaptive Immersion

MOTAR Vendor Spotlight: Adaptive Immersion

We have another great MOTAR Ecosystem Spotlight to share today, this time on Adaptive Immersion 

One read of Adaptive’s mission statement and it’s clear why they’re a perfect fit to activate on MOTAR:

MISSION: To equip our Warfighters with revolutionary innovations for performance prediction and enhancement that save lives.

To do this, the Adaptive Immersion team have become experts in building VR solutions to support those with some of the most dangerous roles in the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community. To get their most recent app in the hands of Warfighters, Adaptive recently participated in the STRIKEWERX Advanced Training Concepts Challenge and were chosen to be promoted to production and now available for use at motar.io. 

“It’s been an honor to watch Adaptive Immersion take their app from concept to reality, leveraging the power of STRIKEWERX support and now activating on MOTAR,” said Christina Padron, VP of Partnerships and Growth at Dynepic. 

The company’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) VR Training System app provides an immersive experience to help train EOD operators performing triage and recovery for a downed aircraft carrying nuclear arsenal. This app provides training of a critical capability, preparing Airmen to safely execute and maintain critical skills in hazardous environments.  

"Our EOD VR Training System provides Warfighters with a safe and immersive environment to repeatedly practice the critical skills needed for the Broken Arrow mission, one of the most hazardous situations imaginable," said Phillip Mangos, Adaptive Immersion’s Founder and CEO. "The virtual training capability for this mission paves the way for enhanced readiness while mitigating risk. MOTAR has enabled us to rapidly accelerate the delivery of this critical capability into the hands of EOD operators.”

If you’d like to learn more about Adaptive Immersion, please visit https://adaptiveimmersion.com/


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