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MOTAR Ecosystem Spotlight: JANUS Research

Highlighting vendors in the MOTAR Ecosystem is one of our favorite things to do at Dynepic - and today we have a stellar one for you! 

You may have heard we recently announced our new app delivery pipeline, MOTAR Fastlane, built to supercharge application deployment to the US Military seamlessly and efficiently. We also shared that the first app to leverage Fastlane came from JANUS Research Group.

Here’s the full scoop!

Earlier this year, the prototype for JANUS’ B-52 Virtual Reality (VR) training app was brought to life after the company participated in the STRIKEWERX Advanced Training Concepts Challenge. The app supports the training of the Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) and B-52 crew members in charge of aircraft communications. Based on its effectiveness, the app was quickly identified as a top way to evolve and improve Airmen training and promoted to production. 

Following closely after the Challenge, the app went through MOTAR Fastlane in just a few weeks, was deployed to MOTAR Live, and is now accessible for government use on MOTAR Live's Hub via NIPRNet at https://motar.af.mil

Using MOTAR Fastlane gave us an accelerated path to deploy our training application to IL4 and reduced the Cybersecurity burden at the same time,” shared JANUS Project Manager Kurt Anderson. “The Dynepic team worked with us through the whole process with programmatic, developer, and security support to make everything seamless. All of this meant that the JANUS team was able to focus on developing our application and working with our customer.” 

Additionally, JANUS’ B-52 app is the first to be authorized to utilize Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). While this can often take months or even years to happen, using MOTAR Fastlane made it possible in just weeks. 

“Apps approved through MOTAR Fastlane can inherit MOTAR security controls, deploy to an IL4 environment, and deliver to devices such as XR headsets in weeks instead of years,” explained Krissa Watry, CEO and Co-Founder at Dynepic. “JANUS’ app is the perfect example of why we built Fastlane to get today’s best learning applications to our USAF Airmen.” 

She added, “The opportunity with STRIKEWERX and the support of the USAF to harness the innovative power of small businesses outside the military is a huge part of what will ultimately give our Warfighters the edge in modern learning and training to win. We’re proud to work with JANUS and look forward to many more apps deploying through Fastlane.”

If you’d like to learn more about JANUS Research Group, please visit www.janusresearch.com. For more information on MOTAR Fastlane, check out https://docs.motar.io/getting-started/about-motar-fastlane-rapid-app-deployment.


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