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US Air Force Awards Dynepic $6.6m Phase III Contract to Power Training Data Hub & Ecosystem

Multi-year commitment brings significant impact and savings to USAF content creators, trainers & students!

RENO, NV -- Dynepic Inc. has won again, and it’s B I G !!! 

“We’re successfully powering a holistic ecosystem for immersive training and inventing the future with the USAF and the MOTAR platform,” said co-founder and CEO Krissa Watry. 

The Reno, Nevada tech company will leverage the $6.6M sole-source Phase III Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract to bring the power of Dynepic’s secure digital infrastructure and open ecosystem, white-labeled as MOTAR (Member. Operations. Training. Analytics. Reports), to the United States Air Force (USAF) enterprise. The result will ensure students get the best training possible to fit their learning preferences before moving to the field, and instructors can be confident in skills of each individual. 

“It will always be an honor to work with our USAF partners, and we’re particularly excited about the deep impact we’ll be able to have with this effort,” Watry said.  “Combined with the incredible technologies activated on MOTAR from our ecosystem vendors, we have limitless potential.

As part of this Phase III contract, the USAF’s Maintenance Training Next (MxNext) program leveraged Dynepic’s MOTAR Platform to deliver the Crew Chief Fundamentals Course. Within this course, four individual 3rd-party vendors quickly activated their augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) applications to seamlessly deliver a variety of training content directly to Airmen across devices. While students trained, their performance metrics passed securely in real-time to live learning MOTAR dashboards where instructors, managers, and leadership could track their progress. The Airmen in this MxNext course completed their training in about half the time relative to traditional training methods, with no significant performance differences – ultimately training faster and improving readiness. 

“The team training on MOTAR was able to get the same results in a more efficient and effective way than they were used to,” Watry said. “The students reported that training felt more engaging, realistic, and fun, and the trainers were able to get real-time feedback on how each of them was doing throughout the training.” 

Under this Phase III effort, Dynepic has already begun to build out capabilities that will greatly enhance the MOTAR experience for both vendors and users. New feature additions in the coming months will help instructors manage course versioning, question banks, and course schedule and management. 

The expansion will also include:

  • A central content management system with permission-based sharing for lessons, 3D models, map packs, and more;
  • Improve platform collaboration and content discovery through communities and vendor showcase pages; 
  • Plug-ins and APIs for integration with legacy Learning Management Systems; 
  • Expand the Hub (previously MOTAR’s App Store) to support various types of vendor technology (AR, VR, AI, etc.) and application distribution requirements; and 
  • Achieve a MOTAR Authority to Operate (ATO) in 2022 for IL4 operations.

The contract also represents a unique collaboration between the USAF Air Education Training Command (AETC)’s Tech Training Transformation (T3) team who awarded the contract, the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Simulators Division Innovation Cell, and additional USAF units across the Major Commands. Dynepic has been working closely with these groups to onboard selected vendors with technologies relevant to their missions; most recently, this included activating and further integrating 15 different vendors and XR training technologies on the MOTAR platform as part of Dynepic’s Accelerating Pilots to Combat Ready Aviators AFWERX Challenge win. 

To see MOTAR in action, check out this video. If you’d like to learn more and get involved, please reach out to info@dynepic.com or connect with us on LinkedIn

About Dynepic, Inc.

Launched in 2014, Dynepic, Inc. is a woman- and service-disabled veteran founded tech company based out of Reno, Nevada. Dynepic’s DX Platform is a secure, device- and software- agnostic infrastructure with open APIs, LMS/LRS, and a central training hub to build an open ecosystem for XR to power the future of multi-dimensional knowledge for a better tomorrow. To learn more about Dynepic, check out our website and connect with us on LinkedIn

MOTAR Platform Expansion Creates Immediate Impact for USAF Customers - and this is just the beginning!

In October we shared that Dynepic was chosen over 201 other companies to win the US Air Force's AFWERX Accelerating Pilots to Combat-Ready Aviators Challenge. Today, we’re excited to release some of the specific details and progress we’ve made toward further expanding our MOTAR platform's immersive training ecosystem and empowering our US aircrews and warfighters. 

While we’ve already released some of the new time- and cost-saving features such as the ability to build and share 3D models and XR related files, here are two more core updates being built into the MOTAR platform right now:

THE Hub!

MOTAR’s App Store has evolved into The Hub, expanding to include not only apps but also 3D models, individual lessons, and experiences. Customers can expect increased speed and agility when navigating The Hub, including quicker access to and launch of all XR client apps, more easily discoverable XR products, and greater support on MOTAR Studio. We’ll also include new performance capabilities to demo applications, videos, screenshots, and content, build-in subscription and licensing standards, and more. These updates will continue to help create efficiencies and broaden usability across all customer needs. 

More XR Content!

With 15 of the industry’s best XR companies set to be activated and/or more deeply integrated on MOTAR over the next few months, we’re bringing the industry’s most trusted and dynamic training capabilities to USAF trainers and students. Customers can be confident they have the best immersive and support options available on a secure, trusted platform. 

Over the next few months, we’ll share additional, exciting behind-the-scenes looks at new features, as well as a peek into each of the incredible XR companies we’re working with and the unique skills they bring to MOTAR. Stay tuned! 

To learn more about Dynepic and how we're leading the charge with MOTAR, connect with us on LinkedIn.

Enduvo Brings New, Immersive Training Capabilities to Dynepic’s MOTAR

Enduvo Brings New, Immersive Training Capabilities to Dynepic’s MOTAR

At Dynepic, our core focus has always been creating technology for the greater good, and it's long since served as our trusted compass as we grow the ecosystem. So when we met the leadership behind Enduvo, it was an obvious match.

"Our MOTAR Platform of platforms combines the best XR training tools and apps available, and as this new open ecosystem evolves, it's important we continue to partner with the best to bring on new capabilities," said Krissa Watry, CEO of Dynepic. "With Enduvo now activated on MOTAR, users can expect immediate access to cutting-edge immersive training capabilities this summer."

As the only no-code learning platform for XR and a USAF SBIR I, II, and III company, Enduvo empowers companies and the military to create immersive content, share it from any device, and experience it anywhere. With Enduvo, anyone can now create immersive learning experiences. Integration with Dynepic's MOTAR LMS extends the availability and accessibility of content created in Enduvo and enables deep performance tracking and analysis of our warfighters.

"Through our collaboration with the USAF, we have developed a keen understanding of the need to bring better, lower-cost training options to bolster the readiness of our warfighters," said Steve Garrou, CEO of Enduvo. "Connecting Enduvo to MOTAR enables the USAF to quickly and efficiently broaden access to proven immersive learning opportunities to gain essential insights and ensure our warfighters perform at their best."

Enduvo has been working with USAF since early 2019, when it won its first SBIR award. Today, over 15 USAF units and squadrons are using Enduvo for training and instruction.