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The Power of Cereal

For April Fools Day we had fun creating a cereal called DyneBits that was guaranteed to make your kids smarter one Byte at a time. Maybe the joke was on us because we sold some of these Gluten Free Ones and Zeros for $25 a box.  

Running a start-up is filled with highs and lows, no pun intended. Another start-up you may have heard of, Airbnb, was struggling to get support from early investors for their concept to have travelers book their next stay at a local's house or apartment. With the 2008 election in full swing, they decided to create a cereal line called Obama O's and Cap'n McCains.  They bought a bunch of cereal and repackaged it in their custom printed boxes.  That determination got them into Y Combinator and well...the rest is history. They have become a dominate player in the tourism "hotel" market and they now have a valuation of $20B and to think...it all started with a breakfast for change.

Maybe launching a cereal line isn't such a bad idea.

Would you like to see DyneBits on the cereal shelf, comment below or email us here.