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Mother's Day Spotlight: Jacque Arn

You might be surprised to know that Dynepic’s Co-Founder and Director of Hospitality, Jacqueline Arn, holds another special title; she is Mom to our other Co-Founder and CEO, Krissa Watry! 

“My Co-Founder (Mom!) spent over 40 years in education, most known as 'Teacher Jacque' helping to educate our precious members of society- kids!" Krissa said. "When I started Dynepic, I wanted a Co-Founder I could trust through thick and thin, and it was a no-brainer. When she retired as a Head Start teacher, she said there was only one job she wanted. Her wish came true last year for her birthday- a retirement job as Director of Hospitality. It’s a perfect role for her, mixing her passion for this company and its people.”

Jacque also has a lot of energy (something she clearly passed on to her daughter…). Every week, she’s one of the first to join our virtual company workouts, and she never misses a chance to wish everyone a “Very Dynepic Day!” 

“I’ve always known Dynepic would be a success; when Krissa commits to something, she is ALL IN,” Jacque shared. “I see us expanding to all branches of the military and into my lifelong passion- educating the next generation. Dynepic is the future of secure training at all levels in the educational arena.” 

Between her role with Dynepic and hours spent making sure our employees are well taken care of, Jacque tends to her farm and gardens in Oregon, including a significant herd of goats. True to form, Jacque doesn’t take many rest days. 

“The US Air Force motto is, ‘Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win!’ and that perfectly describes what we do here every day at Dynepic,” Jacque said. “I’m blessed to be a part of it!” 

Thank you, Jacque, for all you do!