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Dynepic in the Wild: #LevelingUp with SHRM 2022 

Dynepic’s Human Resources pros, Crystal Arn and Kaylee Rutz, recently returned from the 2022 Society for Human Resources Management event in New Orleans, and while there were fresh beignets and plenty of coffee, unfortunately, there was no time for river cruises or exploring the French Quarter.

The annual conference/expo is known as the “world's largest convening of HR professionals,” with its professional society including 300,000 members spread across 165 countries, all focused on leading and advancing their profession. 

“Imagine 16,000 people in one place with the same goal: to help their organization succeed.” Kaylee shared. “It was our first time attending, and the highlight for us was the opportunity to gather together to share our experiences and learn from each other. It's encouraging to see other companies investing time and resources back into their employees and community like we are.”

Some of what makes Dynepic a unique place to work also stood out at the conference. Having transitioned to a virtual team before it was a popular business model was just the start. 

“We’ve worked diligently from the beginning to have a positive work culture, strategically grow our fully remote team, and ensure workforce diversity - all things that are core to Dynepic,” Crystal shared. “It's one thing when you live it every day, but it was encouraging to get feedback that we’re over-achieving in some areas and our values are right in line with the expert research!” 

Kaylee added, “Some people couldn’t believe our diversity stats, that we employ so many veterans, and work specifically to help those transitioning out of the military. I was very proud to tell people I work at Dynepic every chance I got!” 

And it wouldn’t be a professional conference without ending on an inspirational note. One of this year’s keynote speakers, former US president George W. Bush, brought it home:

“He was so humble and sincere and focused on the importance of taking care of your “troops,” your human capital,” Crystal shared. “He also expressed the importance of humility while in a leadership position. To accept when you’re wrong and to learn from your mistakes/history. I could have listened to him speak all day; it was amazing.”

Beyond the Virtual Office: Gerry De Leon, CFO

Introducing a new Dynepic blog series: “Beyond the Virtual Office”  

The Dynepic team is as diverse as our individual office locations. Spread across the United States as a fully remote company, we’re also experts at building relationships and supporting each other regardless of time zones and job descriptions. That doesn’t mean we’re creepers 😉 but we are genuinely interested in the projects and passions everyone has ‘beyond the virtual office.’ 


Gerry De Leon, Dynepic CFO 

Volunteer at Dog Tag

“Do more.” 

That’s the mantra that drives everything Dynepic’s CFO, Gerry De Leon, does. 

“You can always do more - more good, more volunteering, more kindness,” Gerry said. 

Which is what led him to volunteer with Dog Tag, an organization that leverages its bakery and services as a “teaching ground to empower veterans, military spouses, and caregivers to find renewed purpose and community after serving our nation.” Similar to Dynepic, Dog Tag is also Women-founded and run. 

Since 2014, Gerry and his family have volunteered at the bakery, helping package and send their specialty holiday treat boxes. 

This annual campaign is in addition to normal bakery operations, so it takes a village to get these gift baskets baked, packed, and shipped out.” Gerry shared.  “It brings in a ton of revenue that goes back directly to programming; it’s fun and rewarding!”

A former client in public accounting, Dog Tag also asked Gerry to serve as a guest reviewer for the final pitch presentations from its Dog Tag Fellowship Program, most recently for its Winter 2022 cohort. Through the program, students can earn a business certificate from Georgetown University (DC program) or Loyola University Chicago (Chicago program) while also building confidence and community outside the military. 

“It's a full-spectrum program, and the business pitches the students come up with are incredible,” Gerry said. “I won’t give away any of their ideas, but I laughed and cried during this cohort’s virtual review sessions. It's another impressive group!”

Gerry added, “We’re all here for service, and that looks different for everyone. I want to be a servant leader, and volunteering with Dog Tag has been an incredible gift.”

Thank you for all you do, Gerry, at Dynepic and beyond! 

Team Member Spotlight: Fran Schiesl


One thing about our User Experience Designer, Fran Schiesl, she knows what she wants! When looking for her next professional adventure a few months ago, she zeroed in on Dynepic, wanting to work with technology that is forward-thinking so she can make a difference in people’s lives. 

“I wanted to be part of something bigger, not just another sheep in the herd,” Fran shared. “This company has the talent and grit to knuckle down and do it.”

As a Dynepic UX Designer, Fran jumped right in to tackle defining user roles - a complex challenge that requires getting to root issues and creating tailored solutions to ensure a seamless experience. Her current project is a doozie too, tackling controlled unclassified data permissions.

“I’m still working on it because it’s so complex, but I think that goes to show where my passions lie. It can rattle lots of feathers but in the end, will be worth it,” Fran said. 

Fran is also deeply passionate about being a Dog Mom and what she calls her ‘biggest joy in life,’ Zumba! The energetic dance workout is a perfect match for Fran’s musical background. 

“It has brought me so much joy over the years and it is something that I will always do. I love music, singing, karaoke, shower singing, department store aisle singing, and dancing… it’s all fair game!” she said. 

While remote work took some getting used to, Fran is finding her groove. 

“It’s great having the freedom to live my life and work, and not feel that pressure of being in an office,” she shared. “Having that trust is awesome, where the company and my peers know that if I have a project and deadline, I’ll get it done, regardless of if I’m in an office or on my couch.”

Welcome to the team, Fran