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Dynepic Wins Contract to Pursue MOTAR Red and Support Classified Training

There’s no stopping MOTAR®! 

Just a few weeks ago, Dynepic secured an Impact Level 4 (IL4) Authorization to Operate (ATO) for MOTAR from the United States Air Force, solidifying the secure platform across the US Air Force’s NIPRNet, used for unclassified communications. True to form, the company already has its sights set on an IL6 environment to bring MOTAR onto SIPRNet, the secret portion of the US Defense Information Systems Network. The milestone would allow MOTAR Red to deliver classified training content for authorized warfighters DOD-wide. 

“With MOTAR officially launching on NIPRNet this Spring to be the secure training delivery, analysis, and reporting platform, it just makes sense that we provide the same capabilities across classified environments as well,” said Dynepic Co-Founder and CEO, Krissa Watry. “We’re in the early stages of design, but it is clear the military metaverse requires a cross-domain solution that will allow for training lessons to easily be deployed up to IL6 classified environments, while student metrics can still flow down to the Unclassified MOTAR Live (IL4) environment.”

When MOTAR Red is approved, it will share a common code base with MOTAR Live (IL4) while leveraging configuration as code to enable classified environment requirements. This will ensure cost efficiency and enable rapid technology deployment even in a Classified environment.

Dynepic’s Sr. Security Engineer George Moats added, “There’s not a doubt in my mind MOTAR Red will be the secure backbone of SIPRNet and show the same stellar results as MOTAR Live on NIPRNet. There aren’t many commercial organizations trying to do what we’re doing, and we’re happy to be the trailblazers.” 

Dynepic Secures IL4 Authorization to Operate (ATO) for MOTAR

US Air Force will now have access to critical, modern training apps in the military metaverse

RENO, Feb. 6 2023 /PRNewswire/ Dynepic® has officially secured Authorization To Operate (ATO) from the United States Air Force for MOTAR® (Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, and Reports), its delivery, analysis, and reporting platform created to modernize enterprise-wide training infrastructure. This stamp of approval includes not just the MOTAR platform, but also a process to deliver an open ecosystem of training technologies to the Warfighter and devices like virtual reality headsets, setting it up to be the future-proof backbone of the military metaverse. 

“To secure an IL4 ATO for MOTAR is an incredible milestone and the result of relentless hard work, an unwavering commitment to our Airmen, and incredible support from the US Air Force, specifically Air Education and Training Command A9,” said Dynepic Co-Founder and CEO, Krissa Watry. “When the USAF recruited us to compete in the 2019 AFWERX Mixed Reality Challenge and we won against the ‘bigs,’ I told them, if we are going to do this, we are doing this! I’m thrilled MOTAR will enable our USAF with the secure digital infrastructure it needs to power the future of learning across time zones and dimensions.”

Earning an ATO to operate on US military networks at Impact Level 4 (IL4) is monumental for any company, especially a small business, as it requires strict cybersecurity compliance and significant coordination with federal law, Department of Defense policy, and standards. While MOTAR has been powering immersive training innovation for the USAF for several years already, the ATO enables Airmen and Creators to leverage MOTAR to rapidly contribute and deliver Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), level 3D models, training lessons, 360 videos, third-party applications, AI and much more. The ATO also means students and instructors can use virtual reality (VR) headsets for multi-modal learning, including XR applications. Additionally, MOTAR will run on military networks; MOTAR.AF.MIL will open in Spring 2023.

George Moats, Dynepic’s Senior Cybersecurity Engineer and platform Information System Security Officer, added: "When you stand on the shoulders of giants to achieve something like ATO, it's easy to see over the horizon to a powerful and innovative future! And this is only the beginning."

This news comes just a week after Dynepic was awarded a $2.9M Phase III sole source contract from the US Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command (AETC).

MOTAR Ecosystem Spotlight: UtopiaCompression Corp.

The success of MOTAR® as a platform of platforms for delivery, analysis, and reporting of training relies on amazing products being a part of the MOTAR Ecosystem - and UtopiaCompression Corp. (UC) is a stellar example of a vendor leveling up the platform. 

As an SBIR-funded small business, UC provides machine learning-based analysis software for US government agencies and commercial markets, including the US Navy and Air Force. In 2022, UC was activated on MOTAR to begin integrating its Training Effectiveness Measurement (TEM) software with the platform.  

“MOTAR was a golden opportunity for us because it's based on xAPIs just like TEM, making it a seamless integration on our side and opening up many more opportunities to provide algorithm-based analysis for instructors and students,” explained Priya Ganapathy, UC’s Senior Research & Development Scientist. 

“And just like Dynepic, we’re training-agnostic, meaning TEM can work with any type of training.”

Starting today, MOTAR instructors will be able to leverage UtopiaCompression’s TEM interface to get a deeper assessment of students’ course results and what learning needs to happen for better on-the-job performance. 

“Constructive analysis is the difference between students gaining mastery of the course content versus students simply completing the course,” said Dr. Ganapathy. 

Christina Padron, Dynepic’s VP of Partnerships and Growth, added, “We’re very fortunate to work with the talented team at UtopiaCompression, and we are thrilled they chose to activate on MOTAR!”

To find out how you can activate your app on MOTAR, please visit documentation here: Activation via MOTAR Studio and APIs.