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Team Member Spotlight: Shanti Barnes


Energy and enthusiasm: these are the two best words to describe our Director of Communications, Shanti Barnes. When she sets her mind to something, there’s no stopping her! 

“During the pandemic, our family life changed drastically - for the better,” Shanti shared. “We were lucky. For us, it cleared the cobwebs and re-ignited stagnant priorities. I was committed to keeping this momentum going, so I made a list of non-negotiables, and – no joke! – the next day, Krissa called me.” 

Today, Shanti works from home full time with her dog, Revy. Mental health breaks include mid-day walks outside, most likely with an iced latte, and virtual meetings sometimes take place in fresh air and sunshine when she can get it (Seattle….). Most importantly, she’s able to walk her daughter to and from school every day. 

“Life is short and it goes fast,” she said. “If you’re not actively living and creating the life you want right now, what are you doing??” 

Now fully steeped in the Dynepic culture, Shanti said she’s “Here for the long haul!” 

“The positive impact Dynepic is making on the lives of airmen, and the level of critical innovation that pumps through this company daily is insane, but it’s not the only reason I wanted to be a part of this team,” she said. “Dynepic culture is based on having a no-B.S. attitude, no ego, and no judgment. It’s attracted incredibly smart and passionate people who bring their full selves to the table. This is exactly where I want to be.” 

To learn more about Shanti’s professional background, check out her LinkedIn here.