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MIAB: Going Where No Learning Platform Has Gone Before

We’ve outlined how:

  1. MOTAR-In-A-Box (MIAB) is an evolution of MOTAR
  2. The basics of MIAB 
  3. How to ensure your application is viable on MIAB

So, #4 in this series answers the question - How exactly does MOTAR-In-A-Box work and enable content delivery without an internet connection? 

Not much today works without an internet connection since “cloud” services are used in almost all software platforms. To get you in the mindset of what an Airman may face downrange in a future fight where the internet is not available, imagine you are on an airplane that doesn’t have WiFi available, and your smartphone is in airplane mode. How many apps work on your phone? Not many, right? 

Now imagine you could download all the entertainment needed for your flight before you took off. Not just a few movies, but the ENTIRE streaming service - including every single show, movies, games, and content available. After takeoff when there is no Internet, you can still use your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even an eXtended Reality (XR) headset to access the content, AND based upon your login, role, and permissions you have access to some types of content while your travel companion may have access to other types of content based upon their unique profile and access rights. You’re completely set - regardless of when and where you travel!  

This is much like how MOTAR-In-A-Box works. Before Airmen deploy, they download all the possible training content they might need in their operational environment to MIAB. When they're en route or at their deployed location without access to an internet connection, they're all set! They have all the training content they need and they can access it based on their unique profiles and permissions.

Through the MIAB local area WiFi (or even LiFi), any application or content (like 3D models, videos, AI, and more) hosted on MOTAR that doesn’t require an internet connection, will be fully functional in an austere environment. This includes local, offline, and secure access to multi-modal training content, as well as the ability to locally stream augmented and virtual reality training.  

Bottom line - MIAB is the answer to learning and training readiness, empowering our military with a true expeditionary capability anytime, anywhere, even at The Edge! 💪

If you have additional questions and would like to learn more, please reach out to christina@dynepic.com or come visit us at I/ITSEC ‘23, Booth #1928! 


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