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Dynepic at I/ITSEC '22: miMOSAs, VR Demos, Giveaways, and More!!


The countdown to I/ITSEC 2022 has officially begun, and we’ve got a few fun things up our sleeves 💪

Given I/ITSEC is the premier DoD modeling, simulation, and training conference of the year, we’ll be onsite all week at booth #1928 providing behind-the-scenes demonstrations of our DX platform, white-labeled for the United States military as MOTAR (Member, Operations, Training, Analysis, Reports), and providing immersive experiences of our VR classroom, MOTAR Hub, and more. 

If you’d like to schedule a 1:1 meeting with a Dynepic pro and experience a MOTAR demo, please reach out to Dr. Victoria Claypoole at victoria@dynepic.com. Spots are limited, so be sure to book right away! 

We also have two brand-new presentations this year that you won’t want to miss (no registration needed): 

  • Thursday, December 1st at 0830 in room W308B, Dynepic Co-founder and CEO, Krissa Watry, is giving a talk on Enabling a Sharing Economy to Accelerate Change in Immersive Training
  • Thursday, December 1st at 1030 in room W309AB, Dynepic VP of Partnerships and Growth, Christina Padron, is part of a panel on International Perspectives on Creating and Sustaining Learning Ecosystems in the Wild

And of course, it wouldn’t be very #dynepic of us if we didn’t add in a little extra fun 😉


Once you’ve completed your MOTAR demo onsite, drop your business card into the bowl at booth #1928 for a chance to win the Dynepic giveaway of a brand new Onewheel! (There’s also a separate prize for anyone who posts a photo of the #dynepic Onewheel and tags Dynepic on Instagram or LinkedIn!) 

(If you aren’t attending I/ITSEC, you can still participate in this public giveaway! See below for details.) 

Dynepic will also be providing complimentary miMOSAs at booth #1928 on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 12 pm. Everyone is welcome - we’d love to see you there! 

See you there! 💪


This is a public contest for one (1) Onewheel Pint. There are two ways to enter from noon EST Monday, 28 November 2022 until noon EST on Thursday, 1 December 2022.

  1. Complete a MOTAR demo at I/ITSEC 2022 and, drop your business card into the jar at Booth #1928; or
  2. Catch up on Dynepic’s latest news and announcements here. Once done, correctly answer these two pop-quiz questions and email your answers to shanti@dynepic.com to be entered to win.
  • What did attendees of MOTAR Lab 2022 learn to build during the 2-day tutorial?
  • Which new capability was added to MOTAR following the recent acquisition of SurrealVR? 

Entries outside of the official giveaway timeframe will not be accepted. The winner will be selected by random drawing announced at 12:30 pm EST Thursday, Dec. 1st at I/ITSEC Booth #1928. You do not need to be present to win. The winner will be announced and notified by email if not present. If the winner does not accept, an alternate winner will be randomly selected.

No active Dynepic employees, consultants, subcontractors, or related family or personnel may enter the giveaway either onsite or online. The contest is limited to one entry per person.  

Contest winner must be a resident of the USA and 18 years and older.

Everything You Need to Know About: MOTAR Lab

Dynepic is STOKED to lead the first-ever MOTAR lab on Nov. 2 and 3! 

The virtual, immersive tutorial will take participants through the steps of creating and building their own training app, complete with auto-reporting of student performance to MOTAR’s Learning Management System (LMS). 

Who Can Attend, and What Do I Need to Participate

This tutorial is designed for US government employees, DoD military members, and DoD contractors, and you must have a PC capable of running Unity (specifically version 2020.3 LTS). There is no prerequisite to participate, and any experience with coding and Unity is a bonus. You can also use a VR headset (Quest I, II, Pro or Vive Focus 3) if you have one, but if not, the desktop experience is what the majority of participants will be using. 

Who’s Leading the Tutorial

Dynepic pros will take you through each stage of creating, launching, and testing your own app! 

How Do I Sign Up

Click here to register! 

If you’d like to follow along with the two-day tutorial but not build your app, you can choose “Observer” during registration. Otherwise, choose “Creator” for the full, out-of-this-world experience! 

Your TO-DO List - these are critical before Nov. 2. Don’t Wait!! 

  • Register as either Observer or Creator 
  • Once registered, you’ll receive an email from Dynepic confirming your registration and calendar holds for Nov. 2 and 3. Please plan to attend the full tutorial. 
  • IMPORTANT: If you’ve registered as a Creator, you’ll need to complete the Setup Guide, including setting up your Unity and MOTAR accounts if needed. (Temporary Unity licenses are available upon request) 
  • If you have any questions before Nov. 2, please reach out to MOTAR@Dynepic.com. We’ll also be hosting an online support session before the tutorial kicks off. See the full agenda below for details. 

See you there! 


Dynepic Awarded $1.7M Contract to Develop Multiplayer Services on MOTAR

(Example of Application Built with Dynepic’s New MOTAR Multiplayer Service)

New capability will provide critical infrastructure to power teamwork across USAF’s immersive training applications

Dynepic® has signed a $1.7M Tactical Funding Increase (TACFI) contract to level up its secure DX platform - whitelabeled as MOTAR® (Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, Reports) for the United States Air Force (USAF) - and bring multiplayer learning to its Virtual Reality (VR) users. 

This news comes just weeks after Dynepic announced its acquisition of SurrealVR, a pioneer in platform agnostic VR that helped lay the groundwork for immersive collaboration in the Metaverse. 

“Dynepic is stoked to bring multiplayer services to MOTAR so the US Air Force can train together in XR applications!” said Dynepic Co-Founder and CEO, Krissa Watry. “This new service will be integrated into the MOTAR APIs and Unity SDK to enable the Ecosystem to efficiently create and deliver multiplayer experiences.” 

The TACFI contract was awarded by AFWERX, the innovation arm of USAF, through which Dynepic got its start with USAF in 2019 after winning its Mixed Reality Platform Challenge. Since then, MOTAR has been named a requirement across the organization and proven to be critical in supporting today’s Multi Capable Airman. 

Capt. Paulina Morales, who serves as Dir. of Operations at AETC A9 Detachment 23 and whose leadership has been integral to the adoption of MOTAR, championed Dynepic’s TACFI effort.

“We have explored how the DX platform’s capabilities could potentially impact us across a wide spectrum of USAF training, including observation of how multi-player services can expand our ability to execute collaborative learning,” Morales said. “The partnership with Dynepic and all the ecosystem’s vendors will create a learning environment that enables us to work as a team, make mistakes and learn in a realistic but safe environment.”

Over the next year, Dynepic will build new APIs within MOTAR that will allow its  ecosystem of 30+ vendors to plug in and provide VR learning opportunities for Airmen with real-life scenarios to prepare them for the frontlines. Vendors using the MOTAR platform can leverage this new service with their existing applications and immediately provide multiplayer experiences within their training products! For those who already offer multiplayer in their training applications, integrating with this new MOTAR service will help accelerate the ATO process. The move will save significant time, money, and effort for USAF’s MOTAR users and vendors. 

“It's a huge step toward our ultimate goal of providing the right capabilities that enable people to level up their skills, learning, and knowledge,” said Arthur Goikhman, Dynepic’s Sr. VP of XR Innovation. “Having multiplayer built into the core of our secure DX platform will benefit collaborative training efforts across military, corporate, and educational environments.”

Press Inquiries: shanti@dynepic.com, 206.465.7422